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    Inkjet printer that has a white ink option

    If anyone wants to get second hand oki printer make sure you get seller to print maintenance report to see remaining component life and research what replacements cost is, availability.
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    [color] profiler V.20 powered by ArgyllCMS. It's got me beat!

    What is the name of this utility ui for argyll?
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    HP M254nw now printing flat black (should be photo-glossy) on 120g glossy paper

    You can try pause printer spooler in windows for your printer, then put 10 sheets of office paper and send print job from notepad with some text for all 10 pages. Can be few characters does not matter. This will preheat the fuser. The 11 sheet should be your design on for paper with correct...
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    Minolta Magicolor 2550 full EN driver

    I baked hacked driver from Japanese Win8 files and EN Win7 files. Now driver version is Works with Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 x86 x64 Windows 11 - untested
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    Why does my old HP 6L print images better than my newer HP laserjets?

    Well the answer can be many started to print money so to make it hard manufacturers of laser printers are now making printers with crap quality when printing images. Do not believe me? Then explain bad ratings in graphics/photo for the best laser color printers on rtings website.
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    Minolta Magicolor 2550 full EN driver

    Hello, looking for full driver not universal crap that does not have any settings. Here is Japan driver, but I need english version for Win 7, 8, 10 x32 / x64 The global minolta website does not have even...
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    Canon pro 10 banding

    If the nozzle check is fine, i think if only this photo is affected then its not the printer fault but some effect of many variables
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    Cannon errors, more in-depth look.

    You need to find eeprom chip on printer main board, then identify the chip and search for programmer for that chip. Then you make image from good board and flash the faulty chip. Also there are blank chips available for many eeprom chips online. Make sure you desolder the chip because otherwise...
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    Extended warranty for G2260 Megatank printer?

    Good idea with extended warranty, but make sure they not catch you refilling that nullifies the warranty extended or not
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    update: printer refill numbers - was 983 refills, now 2,000 refills. much thanks to this site and its members

    Aspen inks are USA manufactured? All i see is dyesub inks.
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    EPSON Ecotank monochrome inkjet printers for B/W artworks ?

    You have choose another paper or hack the printer and mechanically reduce wheel pressure of the pica wheels.
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    Epson l550 keeps clogging up

    Good to hear that brother printers are running after tens of thousands of prints
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    Cost effective A2 printer advice ?

    Why not give a try to HP DesignJet T210 24-in plotter with 2-year warranty
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    One tiny line keeps not printing

    Good to know, thanks for feedback. Take caution if you decide to put wet paper towel under printhead that this is not safe as cleaning agent can get into electronics in some printhrad designs. Also material must not be abrasive paper towels are not safe, best to use microfiber glasses cleaning towel
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    Epson 3880 - Will be the death of me!!

    Good to know you fixed it, now both print heads working?
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    Epson l550 keeps clogging up

    Same problem on my brother printer with new replaced print head that is piezo like epson. I use epson 673 ink where they are dye inks including black. Black ink clogs and clears after 2 or 3 cleanings despite printer performs maintenance cleanings every day (brother feature). I wonder is this...
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    One tiny line keeps not printing

    If lines appear on lower print quality then the printhead did not unclog complete, there may be still some nozzles firing stray lines. Give printer a rest, perform few cleanings more and try again. Other than that a proper removal of print head may be required to soak and then clean
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    P900 Premium glosssy paper not enough patches or fake Epson ink?

    Now tried to use the Epson media installed to install a X-Rite Generic Lab Profile.icm as media profile for custom media and print test chart using PS with Printer manages color. Now if that does not work, I'm out of ideas. Firmware update? Printed same test chart from Win10 and another from Win7
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    P900 Premium glosssy paper not enough patches or fake Epson ink?

    Seems like EPSON has surecolor printers fitted with Epson Media Installer. Crapware that allows one to dig even deeper hole for correct settings. 3 videos on youtube from epson. The program talks with the printer, allows to set printer profile for custom media setting that you can rename to...