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    Epson Printer Suggestions For Sublimation

    Hi all, I have a quick question. I want to start a sublimation business. Im after an Epson printer and I have few questions. For t-shirt printing which size printer do I need A4 or A3 ? I am not sure if a A4 size printer is a good option for t-shirt printing therefor I want a A3 size printer but...
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    How to force Cannon Printers to Print Borderless A5 Paper

    Hi, I have a Canon ix6850 printer which has a borderless printing option but the Cannon software doesn't supper A5 paper size for borderless printing. Is there a way to force/bypass the Cannon software so I can print borderless A5 paper?
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    Canon Pixma iX6850 CISS

    Thanks do you know if Octoinkjet inks are good for photo printing? Would you recomment them for photo priting ? I would like to have someting close as possible to OEM ink.
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    Canon Pixma iX6850 CISS

    I live in the UK. Thanks
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    Canon Pixma iX6850 CISS

    Thanks for your answer stratman. Which inks will you recommend for photo printing for my printer?
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    Canon Pixma iX6850 CISS

    Hi, I have a Canon Pixma iX6850. I am using this printer to print images/pictures but using the genuine canon inks are costly. After some research, I found out CISS for printers. I am wondering if they are reliable for picture printing and is there any CISS system for Pixma iX6850 and good ink...