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    Canon printers. How many of us are still refilling?

    How long do you soak in the Windex ? Thanks
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    How to store a print head?

    THanks for that detail.... Im not sure what the orange clip looks like ...any pic ? Any substitute as I dont have that Thanks !
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    How to store a print head?

    i soaked my print head in ammonia, water and isoprol alcohol...a lot of ink came out but still didnt print black right...I left in longer (STUPIDLY) in a metal tray...I think the metal reacted with the print head - see pic there anything I can do...Its unclear if I could use a soft tooth...
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    How to store a print head?

    Not only do you need do empty carts to fill with the solution but you need the chips on them to do the there any reason you can't use a syringe and push the conditioning fluid through before storing ?