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    Cost effective A2 printer advice ?

    Cost wise, if you print 8-12 A2 sheets a week, probably isn't worth to purchase an A2 printer. Consider for instance the Canon Pro-1000. Possibly the most affordable A2 printer. It costs 1200-1300€ or the equivalent in UKP. Add the inks. Decent quality aftermarket inks aren't cheap and be aware...
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    Canon pixma 100-pro will not come back to life this time.

    My wild guess is that the printer detects abnormal temperatures in the printhead and triggers a B200 error as a warning. Even if it prints perfectly for the time being, the raising temperature may be a sign that the printhead is reaching the end of the lifespan. In most cases, when B200 appears...
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    Canon pixma 100-pro will not come back to life this time.

    If you got error B200 and/or 5400 when operating the Pro-100 in normal mode, the software tool won't work properly, even if it's a genuine version. You must clear the errors first. Error 5400 is related to temperature problems, maybe the printhead, maybe the logic board. B200 means, in the vast...
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    Canon pixma 100-pro will not come back to life this time.

    "They" mean older software tool versions, fake or genuine. The printer will refuse to enter service mode after you try to use the wrong version. I don't know if the issue happens always in all the Canon models or only in some of them. It happened to me and it's been repported by many users...
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    Another New 3D Project..

    To get a heavy print, nothing better and cheaper than attaching below the statue a plinth filled with lead pellets..:p
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    Canon pixma 100-pro will not come back to life this time.

    If you downloaded the software tool for free somewhere, there're high chances that it's a fake. I know it by experience :rolleyes:. You need to purchase it from a vendor on Ebay. It costs up to 10 euro/$. Also, take into account that the Pro-100 requires a version of this service tool that was...
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    Another New 3D Project..

    Better safe than sorry... :D. 3D "·experts" say that if you want strong prints you should increase the number of vertical perimeters instead of the infill. I suppose that's true up to a point. I'm tempted to print one of these moais, but 40 cm is too tall for my printer. Either I must settle for...
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    Another New 3D Project..

    @The Hat, your printer(s) did a very good job, but your painting skills are top notch as well. :) I downloaded a very similar model in order to make a test. On my slicer, for a 40 cm high model, it needs as much as 30% infill and 3 vertical perimeters to reach 3.5kg of filament. I tend to use...
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    Canon i9950: New Print Head, New Purge Unit or Something Else?

    Don't waste more time or money. Canon discontinued the printhead for the i9950 long ago, so genuine new printheads are unavailable. Everything offered on Amazon/eBay/Ali Express are refurbished units pulled from discarded printers. The vast majority of those printheads are defective, as the one...
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    Chip Resetter for Canon ImagePROGRAF 1000

    The main difference between the Pro-1000 and the Canon A3+ models isn’t the maximum paper size but the ink and paper management as well as the overall design of the printer (in electronics and mechanics). The Pro-1000 plays clearly in a superior league and it isn’t intended for amateur use...
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    Canon MB5120 died - need to remove ink cartridges

    I hope the below instructions by Octopus will help. It isn't difficult at all. Welcome to the forum ...
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    Pixma IP4300 Ink Carriage Stuck On the Right and Does Not Move When Lid is Opened

    I suspect that finding nowadays a new genuine Canon printhead for the IP4300 is quite impossible. Of course, there's always the Ebay/Ali-Express lottery of refurbished or fake printheads. I wouldn't advice to try that but, if a refund is guaranteed in case of defective merchandise, there isn't...
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    UV Hot Resin 3D printer !

    Sticky matter ...:D No resin printer for me, thanks.. even if the machine costed $2.99.
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    For those that like a challenge!

    No way. 3D printed Benchies don't float. ( I tried..;) )
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    CR-10 back in the saddle again..

    I have to walk only 5 meters so my legs will last longer than yours..:p ..and a very happy new year for you, your family and, of course, for everybody on this forum ( spammers included :rolleyes: ).
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    CR-10 back in the saddle again..

    It seems that the new year has summoned all the 3Dprinting addicts of this forum. Nice to see some activity again.. :) Redbrickman, now that you mention Klipper, I'm starting my personal battle with this software and I'm still a bit lost. Until now I just inserted the SD card on my Prusa...
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    3D Printing going Main-Stream with Shoes?!

    Spammers are the more active posters in the 3D subforum..:D Very little seems to happen here. No more daring projects like your garden lampost... I keep printing regularly with my trusty Prusa but nothing to write home about. Only news is that I'm trying now carbon filled nylon with acceptable...
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    Can CLI-8 refill inks be used in CLI-42 carts ?

    If you use CLI-8 inks in your PRO-100, the printhead won't be damaged but, unless you use custom profiles or tune the color settings of the driver, you'll get prints with a noticeable color cast. The individual color shades of the CLI-8 inkset are quite different from the CLI-42. Of course you...
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    Help me choose a Canon printer

    Hello and welcome to the forum. Answering your questions in no particular order.... 1- DTG printers use a totally different stuff from the water based dye pigment inks used by regular inkjet printers. We’re comparing apples and oranges. 2- According to my experience with Canon printers...
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    Maxify is the Pitts..

    Well, the mystery is solved. A few days ago my MB5150 reported at last that the cyan ink cart was depleted flashing the customary red X symbol. No odd errors. I installed the cyan cart of my other set and that one reseted with the ink at the lowest level. Let's see if it remains in this...