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    Canon CLI551/581, PGI550/551 Chip pin out, reset..

    Hello, do know somebody some information about chip in Canon cartridges CLI551/581, PGI550/581? I know that is possible to buy auto reset ship, or chip resetter, but to create own "arduino restter" is more fun :) I can't find nothing bout it. Pin out, chip datasheet, communicating protocol, ...
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    Canon bottled dye inks

    Thanks very much for detailed ink test and explanation. I have some questions.... I bought Canon printer TS6350 (PGI-580, CLI-581) (in EU) and my plan was to use refill ink GI-43(53) for CLI-581 and ... 1. PGBK GI-40?, or GI-41? for PGI-580. Or better will be to use dye GI-43 BK? - due to...
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    XP900 Print on transparent foil

    I found recommendation for DTG printing... - it is free for 30 days, so I will by try to find something similiar in free version. Conclusion is that printer is ok, but it need different driver. Now it consume huge amount of ink, but black on foil is excelent :)
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    XP900 Print on transparent foil

    I installed CISS to XP900, after some troubles it working :) I used Epson 105, 106 inks. I more times cleaned nozzles with Epson Adjustment tool. Printed result is same. I don't know if my print head is partially damaged, or paper configuration is so important. (printing on foil PCB UV mask...
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    XP900 Print on transparent foil

    I tried to disable ICM profile, it looks little more consistent with little less "random lines". I hope that it will be ok under UV light. More denisty black is with "basic office paper" - it is printed probably with pigment black. Other papers are printed with photographic black - it is more...
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    XP900 Print on transparent foil

    Hi, I tried to print on transparent Xerox inkjet foil with Epson XP900, but black area is with "random lines", non consistency color (attachment). I need it as UV mask. Printer is relatively new, with original (demo) cartriges. I tried to print with different configuration and different type of...