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    Epson r290 suddenly stop working (no power)

    Update for epson r290 .my friend couldn't find any sign of burn .so returned to me. I removed the printhead and the logic board ,both of them were shorted after testing them carefully . I ordered 2 printheads and logic board from Amazon but unfortunatly all of them are not working . So I...
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    Epson r290 suddenly stop working (no power)

    Thank you for reply. I didn't use any cleaning fluid , I used the head cleaning option of its software. I gave it to my friend ,he has experience with electronics and computer hardware . I will update you if any thing happen. Thank you
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    Epson r290 suddenly stop working (no power)

    Hi dear I have an old epson r290 ( it was new) stored for long time in its original box . Unboxed and i put ciss and turn it on to print some photos , the print was not OK I did nozzle check and clean twice because nozzle check was not good I turn it off and left it for the next day, next day...
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    Hp scanner bulb swap

    i have HP 1410 all-in-one printer .copying and scanning become black (full black page), the scanner bulb become dimmer, i am planning to take the bulb from non-working HP 1215 all-in-one printer which is exactly the same shape of the 1st one . is it compatible or not? thank you
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    P2000 Epson worth re-furbing?

    first of all you have to have a working ink cartridges so that you can start your printer, print nozzle check , see what is wrong (if there is) and fix accordingly. for ink cartridges check these sites.
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    Opinions on HP 2135

    Hp also offer printer with ink tank. for canon.
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    Opinions on HP 2135

    Epson L series or ET series are good alternative , they are chipless and have good capacity external ink tank which allow to print 6000-7000 pages before you need to refill again. you can use 3rd party ink, and reset the ink level counter with wic reset utility for free, better than hp printers...
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    can a nozzle check be wrong?

    @turbguy is 100% correct . there is air trapped in the printhead .why photo print is good ,because the working nozzle will compensate for non working one . in photo printing the speed become slow but the print head move over the same line several times injecting more ink on the same point which...
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    EPSON P50 CISS Not Printing Yellow and black

    this is ink starvation usually occur when you use new system, it is air trapped in the print head causing misfire . prime the cartridges again to ensure that there is no air in the outlet of the cartridges , install the system ,do print head cleaning cycle twice, if there is still missing nozzle...
  10. A -Buyers beware - terrible customer service

    check the rubber seal of the print head, Hp CISS usually come with extra thick rubber seal to replace the existing one. and make sure that the ink bottles are in level with the printer.
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    Refilling question for Epson 1430 and Canon Pixma Pro 100

    resetting the cartridge chip is the most important part in refilling otherwise the printer will reject the cartridge.
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    replace scanner unit

    this is the service manual
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    Epson R3000 Question

    first try to check the existing setting for any accidental changes which may occur during work. second try this basic manual and go to page 24 onward .it may help solving the problem. good luck
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    I have an XP-610 and just ordered an XP-640 - need education

    you can look for Canon G series , Epson L series and Epson ecotank ( ET )series.
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    I have an XP-610 and just ordered an XP-640 - need education

    it is your decision whether to use OEM or NON-OEM ink because you are the one who will face the problem if it happened ,each of them has its own pros and cons, there are good experts in this forum and they will give you their experience for each of them . if you will choose NON-OEM then go for...
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    A problem with Canon mx924 printhead

    most probably it will not work ,if you look at the back of both printhead the copper contact point are differ in number and orientation. did you search in ebay and aliexpress ? you will find the print head model which you are looking for.
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    Artisan 810 does not recognize carts only when all 6 in

    if the printer is unable to recognize OEM and NON-OEM cartridges ,the problem is probably in the CSIC Assy. of the print head . in this case it is either bad contact or failure of the CSIC. so either remove it and check the points for dirt or ink residue, if you cannot remove it use COLD AIR...
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    Hp 564xl print volume chips

    whether it is small or large chip, the copper contact points must be placed in the same level of the original chip to avoid short circuit which may damage the print head.
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    Hp 564xl print volume chips

    ink cartridge 564xl contain more ink (14 ml) while 564 contain less ink (7.5 ml). so theoretically you can use it to replace the other chip.
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    Strange behavior of HP Photosmart Plus

    how old is your printer? run print head cleaning cycle once or twice, may be trapped air in the print head , if not solved try to use new cartridge.