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  1. wilko

    Canon Printers Current Ebay prices

    Respect the Hat but in reality Canon basic printers are cheap as chips Refillable carts don't come refilled you refill them yourself using top refill. Still using an ip4850, ip7250, mg 6250 and Mg5650 and a couple of TS 700 printers. compatible refill carts are the way to go. Fill them youirself...
  2. wilko

    Canon Printers Current Ebay prices

    Has the world gone mad. UK Ebay prices for pre owned Canon printers are advertised at up to 3 times original price when new. Does anyone pay these prices? Still lots of opportunities for refilling current Canon printers. Just have to forgo auto ink levels. As the world gone mad or these Ebay...
  3. wilko

    Canon printers. How many of us are still refilling?

    The glory days when the ip4000 was king. I'm still avoiding having to use original canon carts and although the days of resetters seem to be over. Still there remains refillable carts. Not the same but at least there is an alternative to the ridiculous prices of of OEM ink. I still have an...
  4. wilko

    Filling Canon refillable cartridges.

    I used to use the German refillable method for refilling OEM carts but nowadays the only option seems to be refillable ARC carts. However, the refillable carts at first sight don't seem to be able to accept the same amount of ink as the OEM carts did with the German filling method. I top fill...
  5. wilko

    Modern printing

    Picking up on this thread. I still keep an eye out for printer bargains on EBAY. However, something has happened during lockdown that seems to have turned everything upside down. The prices of older Canon printers on EBAY UK seems to have gone through the roof. Here are some current examples of...
  6. wilko

    Modern printing

    Haven't posted in a while but still love this forum. So many tips I have picked up over the years. Have tried Brother and Epson printers over the years but Canon rules for me. IP4000, what a printer. Mega carts with no chips. Then the IP4500 was released with full carts but with a chip, soon...
  7. wilko

    Canon IP 7250

    This printer is now discontinued in the UK. Just seen a second hand printer selling for £75 on Ebay UK. Similar auctions are up to £100 or more. The IP7250 is a piece of plastic junk but this printer was a gem in offering photo quality prints at such a cheap price. Now the ip7250 is no more and...
  8. wilko

    Canon Pixma iP7250 Straight after changing Black ink cartridge, no black at all printing.

    The Ip7250 has 2 black carts. The large one is used for text and is meant to have pigment ink, not used for photos. The smaller ink cartridge is filled with black dye ink and is used for photos. You seem to be suffering from a blocked print head. Lots of ways to get round this but if normal head...
  9. wilko

    Cartridge refilling

    Most of us on here must have saved perhaps thousands of £ or $ by refilling. First we had the IP300/4000 with no chips. Then we took advantage of chip resetters or refillable ink cartridges, perhaps ending with the IP7250/MG printers. Now we have a load of TS printers with no ARC chips or...
  10. wilko

    So, what would be the best printer for refilling today...

    TS5050 selling for a song in UK (TS 5020 in US). You could always use refillable ink cartridges with ARC chips
  11. wilko

    Cheapest Canon A3 Printer

    Thanks for replies. I'm a cheapskate and finally went for an ix6850 for £80 on Ebay. Love it already. After many years of refilling and printing from Canon printers (My experience of Epson and Brother printers would be nul points, but that's just my view and I have no facts to back up my...
  12. wilko

    Cheapest Canon A3 Printer

    Thanks for feeback but I am struggling to see what the IP8750 offers over the ix6850. The IP8750 has an extra grey cartridge which could possibly be a bonus for those who wish to print B&W photos. Apart from this, I can see no advantage in paying up to £100 more for the IP8750. I have a couple...
  13. wilko

    Cheapest Canon A3 Printer

    Would like some feedback on Canon A3 Printers. I'm not a pro photographer but have been using Canon printers way back to the ip3000 and before. Courted with Epson and Brother but Canon is my home. Pro series would be overkill for my needs. Tried a Brother A3 printer but output was...
  14. wilko

    Ink Carts showing full even when empty

    Think I've cracked it. Reset EEPROM with a combination of power and reset buttons and now ink monitoring is back. Got details from the Internet. I think it was for resetting ink pads on the old "i" printers. However, it worked. Back to refilling OEM Carts again. Laying off ARC carts, because I...
  15. wilko

    Ink Carts showing full even when empty

    Thanks for reply. Tried different combinations of carts. Even inserted a completely empty OEM cart and ink volume still showed full. Looks like the EEPROM has been corrupted as you suggested. Can continue to print but will have to watch ink volumes carefully.
  16. wilko

    Clogged Brother printhead

    I've gone through 3 brother DCP-J4120DW printers in the last year One was s/h and had a print head blockage which I couldn't resolve. The other two eventually had duplex printing problems resulting in jammed paper problems. In my experience Canon Printers are far superior to Brother printers...
  17. wilko

    Ink Carts showing full even when empty

    Strange problem with my trusty old IP4500. Carts are showing as full even after heavy printing. Have been using ARC carts but switched back to OEM carts with red setter and ink monitoring doesn't show any decrease in ink levels after printing. I've never come across this before. Not a great...
  18. wilko

    Canon Ip7250

    This printer is a complete plastic junk compared to the Ip4500 but it offers the same quality outputs as the ip4500. Non OEM and refillable carts are readilly available so ink refilling lives on. I am still using refillable arc carts on my ip7250 with no problems and still refilling my ip4500...
  19. wilko

    Ip3000 PGB spotty again

    Isan't it time for a new printer. In my experience stubborn ink blocks cannot be resolved in the long term. I've spent many a "Happy hour" trying to unblock printheads. Hot water is my prefered method but unless you have a top of the range model, it's often better to purrchase a new PH (if...
  20. wilko

    Can someone help me with an iP7250 error code please?

    Probably too late to help you but removing and replacing the print head often solves the problem with this printer