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  1. roditch

    Epson's bottled inks

    Sorry to bombard you would these inkowl inks be the solution they say they are equicvalent to epson claria inks
  2. roditch

    Epson's bottled inks

    I forgot to mention the quality of the photos don't have to be incredibly good because they look like paintings but they need to last quite a long time on someone's wall in a frame
  3. roditch

    Epson's bottled inks

    Thank you very much I have been searching for inks for months the country I am in keep saying they don't have any of these claria inks all the codes are different so after 3 days of calling and calling and messaging I can't get any of the inks you just now I need to ask you what painter A4...
  4. roditch

    Epson's bottled inks

    Thanks. Can I use the Epson t106 inks or the Canon inks you mentioned in the Epson L360 many thanks
  5. roditch

    Epson's bottled inks

    Hi Thanks for all your help. I cannot buy Epson 114/ 552 inks for the Epson ET-8550 where I live can you suggest another archival-ish ink that is readily available like T673 with a uv spray many thanks I have been searching for months Roditch
  6. roditch

    Epson 106 vs. 114 ink fading performance

    Hi How are you ? thank you for your advice about using epson 114 inks in my epson L360. The country I stay in at the moment does not have Epson 114 inks. Are there any other similar archivial claria inks I can use in the L360 It appears that epson 552 AND 114 are the same...
  7. roditch

    Hi Ink Stained fingers and everyone I am interested what the best canon a3 printer chromalife...

    Hi Ink Stained fingers and everyone I am interested what the best canon a3 printer chromalife inks is for the money. With bulk tanks. Prints don't have to be amazing, my photos are a bit arty. Many thanks in advance. I think you mentioned canon pro 200 before is there something like this...
  8. roditch


    Hi, I am a retired photography teacher and photographer from Australia. I spent most of my printing hours in a darkroom. I eventually went digital and bought an Epson 2100 and a Canon G1. Life was simple back in the film days. I used a Mamiya RZ67 in my studio and used 1 roll of film, 10 shots...
  9. roditch

    Chromalife100 vs Chromalife100+ fading test, Update 18. June 2021

    Hi Maximillian Very interesting. What ink and printer a4/a3 would you recommend for a photographer selling just a few prints. Many thanks