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  1. panos

    Still breathing...

    Thank you. I wasn't hospitalized. I wouldn't consider my local hospital to be capable of handling multiple Covid cases, so I told them I didn't want to. They prescribed me with cortisone, an antibiotic and a lease for an oxygen compressor which worked great. They did communicate with me...
  2. panos

    Still breathing...

    I caught it last year's November. Lasted almost a month. It was difficult. Had to sleep on the stomach at night, breathing was really hard. An oxygen compressor would raise my oxygen to acceptable levels so that I could work. I was prescribed with cortisone which helped tremendously. I'm very...
  3. panos

    Did I just refill my printer as instructed by the OEM ?

    My first inkjet was a Canon BJ10ex. An amazing portable printer that used a spiral shaft to both support and move the printhead. Printing a single page cost a large amount of money though, so I would only print what was absolutely necessary. One day I read a magazine article which suggested that...
  4. panos

    lidl united office photo paper uk

    I have some photos printed in Lidl paper since I joined the Nifty-stuff forum. They still look great.
  5. panos

    update: printer refill numbers - was 983 refills, now 2,000 refills. much thanks to this site and its members

    I have a similar longevity with less usage. Once I've settled on my refill method (same as Jimbo's) and inks (from a local supplier), refilling has become that 5' fun break between prints each month. I use an MX850 with 2 sets of original cartridges that I purchased 7, 8 or 9 years ago. I don't...
  6. panos

    Official PK Poll - Is there any future in refilling?

    I don't understand... According to this: the manufacturer is supporting refilling, so why is there a question about its future ? Of course there is as long as there's demand for it.
  7. panos

    What exactly is the "printer duty" of a printer mentioned by Epson?

    It probably affects your warranty. If your printer breaks and you have surpassed the quota the manufacturer can charge you for service and parts.
  8. panos

    First time refilling opaque cartridges CLI-526/PGI-525

    This is exactly what I am doing in recent months. While my printers use old transparent cartridges, I only look at the outlet sponge. Once it starts becoming visibly soaked I stop, drawing very little ink as I remove the needle.
  9. panos

    Question for jtoolman, setting up my 3880 Cone Carts

    "I NEED order, PROCESS and CLARITY" I keep saying that to myself as well but why do I end in disorder, randomness and obscurity I'll never understand!
  10. panos

    Malicious Software found In Epson Reset Software from OctoInkjet

    "Malicious" is not a proper adjective for PUP (=Potentially Unwanted Application). A Hacktool.Patcher is a typical component of utilities that circumvent protections such as Epson counters. If in doubt, use software such as Malware Defender to check out whether Octo's proggie attempts to patch...
  11. panos

    Windex Equivalent - what will happen if I use Mr Muscle or other brand

    Ajax, in the old classic bottle, is what I am using as well. In fact I used it today to clean my monitor and my 3-year old niece commented on how nice it smells. She liked the purifying smell of ammonia :)
  12. panos

    Color that never fades

    It seems that 150+ years of life in expensive pigment colors is too little. Brace yourselves for the color that never fades:
  13. panos

    Dare I buy a Canon IP3000? For photo printing, refilling cartridges

    Well... this is 256 color PNG again which means that colors had to be compressed and artificial grain was added to make it look more natural. The grain is obvious even in the white paper areas. Personally I think that the samples you posted 2 days ago were good enough to allow one to tell the...
  14. panos

    Dare I buy a Canon IP3000? For photo printing, refilling cartridges

    I don't know why but your software is restricting PNG to 256 colors. That's not normal. It's impossible to judge a sample by these images. This how a proper scanning should look like (printed on my iP3300 which is readily available; my MX850 is at my workplace so I can't do both): GHW's test...
  15. panos

    Dare I buy a Canon IP3000? For photo printing, refilling cartridges

    The difference between A and B is obvious to my dyschromatopic eyes. B doesn't have real black, A does.
  16. panos

    Dare I buy a Canon IP3000? For photo printing, refilling cartridges

    "The difference was clear, although not enough to be objectionable" This is a very accurate description. Perhaps the Hat means that as long as you don't hold both samples together, 3-color photos produced with good ink in good paper will look very good.
  17. panos

    Dare I buy a Canon IP3000? For photo printing, refilling cartridges

    Please post it in the forum, I am interested as well. The first thing I did when I bought an iP3300 was to print a photo and the difference in black (using original cartridges) was clearly evident. Also, for some reason the properties window you've pasted above is grainy. This isn't supposed to...
  18. panos

    HobbiColors now offers "new" version of Black Pigment ink!

    I think Dave@Hobbicolors made an honest statement here. Congratulations to turbguy for his objective research for the truth.
  19. panos

    Clogged Canon print head

    I have done Grandad's printhead repair twice. On a difficulty scale where removing a screw is rated as 1 and dismantling an MP750 is rated as 10, I would rate this a 4. Of course you should do this when you have no other option available. I'd like to add that if you are to use water to clean...
  20. panos

    Canon MX885 - fine horizontal lines - portrait print

    This is not a nozzle check. You can get a nozzle check using the maintenance menu on your printer.