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  1. PhilE

    Frustrating Head Clog!

    For Epson printers, it is important to periodically clean the inside of printer as described in link. The capping of printhead needs to have a good seal to have the vacuum to pull air through in the cleaning cycle so cleaning around seal is necessary periodically. High end Canon printers have a...
  2. PhilE

    Frustrating Head Clog!

    I came across this article explaining clogging on Epson printers that was informative: Mark McCormick Clogs in Epsons. So totally misunderstood. Most clogs on Epsons are the result of the breakdown of the meniscus at the exit of the nozzle. These are not...
  3. PhilE

    Longevity of a Pro 100?

    Thanks for those details. The difficulty is in disassembly of the printer to get at and replace the ink waste pad. If there is a u-tube video of this procedure for the Pro 10, Pro 100 (probably same design as Pro 200 and 300) it would be helpful.
  4. PhilE

    Longevity of a Pro 100?

    The ink waste pad filling up is the eventual weak point of longevity because it cannot be user replaced. So, keep in mind minimizing purge and cleaning cycles which occurs when you change ink carts or turn printer off and then on. -The thing NOT to do is unplug printer because when you plug it...
  5. PhilE

    Canon pro10s poor nozzle check result

    A little late in responding... I think this is a good method to clear out the clogged Pro 10 printhead / nozzles. Although it has been said many many times, it bears repeating. DO NOT let your printer sit idle for more than a few days. NOT a few weeks. You can set up a regular printout...
  6. PhilE

    Canon Pro 10 head alignment Mac OS Monterey

    I am wondering how to do a head alignment on a Pro 10 after several years of use. ( I heard it should be done every few months) I am using latest Mac OS and notice bottom plate cleaning function is not available for use. Is it a Mac OS upgrade thing? Thanks for any info-
  7. PhilE

    Driver for R3000 - Works for Big Sur/Monterey??

    Hello. Does the latest driver work with OS Monterey/ Big sur ? Ithink Driver version is 10.85 or ? Thanks!
  8. PhilE

    JToolman's Youtube videos

    Although I can listen in on Jose's livestream (Sunday chat) I can no longer post any question, comments. I am glad he is not taking this personally and is back! His videos and interviews are a real source of information for home users of printers. I am curious as to how it happened. Was it an...
  9. PhilE

    Will there be a way to reset cartridges in the Canon Pro 300?

    I have heard that the Red Setter folks will not be producing a re-setter for the Canon Pro 300. Does anyone know if this is a done deal for re-setting Pro 300 chips? They are the same basic cartridge as the Pro 10 so is there a work around.
  10. PhilE

    OEM PRO 1000 inks for refilling Pro 10 carts??

    Thanks for this info. Custom profiles are a bit more than I want to do so I will continue to harvest ink from the Pro 1 which is a perfect match. Just less ink in cart. BTW, I have tried both 'dark' gray and gray of the Pro1 and both work fine. Jose recommends the 'dark' gray instead of gray...
  11. PhilE

    OEM PRO 1000 inks for refilling Pro 10 carts??

    A well known fellow in the printer world (Jose Rodriguez) last week mentioned that the inks from the Pro 1000 and Pro 2000 carts can be harvested and used to refill the Canon Pro 10 carts. (excepting grey) I ask this because I never heard him or any others mention this before. Do any of you use...
  12. PhilE

    How to Schedule a nozzle check/test print in OSX.

    Hello. Although there is a way to do a script on a mac to do an automatic printout, I do not know what it is. BUT, Q-image is also a mac application and I do recommend it for the auto scheduled printouts as well as its printing uses. it does a ton of very useful stuff. Also you can use a free...
  13. PhilE

    question on harvesting ink from Pro 1000

    Thank you for your reply and info. Yesterday, I did essentially what you just recommended. A long needle inserted into the Pro 1000 ink cart. The listed amount of ink in the Pro 1000 carts is 80 ml (1 gram per Milliliter ) I managed to pull out 70 ml of Chroma Optimiser. - However the process of...
  14. PhilE

    question on harvesting ink from Pro 1000

    Hello. I am using a Pro 10 and would like to harvest the chroma Optimiser of the larger Chroma Optimiser of the Pro 1000. What syringe would be used for this? I have been getting the ink from the Pro 1 cartridges. Is the syringe the same for the Pro 1000? Much thanks!