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  1. mikling

    Epson ET8550 - A little pricey but it can go further than you might think.

    On May 30, I demonstrated an ET8550 on a carefully prepared Pigment Ink set for archival photos on Jose Rodriguez's youtube podcast. B&W printing using the standard ABW driver with Velvet Fine Art settings gives a slightly warm B&W output. This can be toned out using the provided tools. Keep in...
  2. mikling

    Refilling Pro-200 with inks for Pro-100? A Good idea?

    The inkset required for the Pro-200 is DIFFERENT from that of the Pro-100 if any were wondering. And many have been asking whether they could use the inkset for the Pro-100. My advice is NO. You physically could but the output would be horrible. Canon changed the magenta inks as they claimed...
  3. mikling

    Does Overriding the chips on Desktop printers cause excessive ink consumption? Real results

    It has been claimed for a long time that overriding the chips on Canon desktop printers will cause the printer to consume as much as 10 times the ink it normally would use. Many accepted this claim to be valid and did not pay much attention to it because prior to this time, there were resetters...
  4. mikling

    SHIPPING AT USPS IS A #@%&show right now.
  5. mikling

    The Epson XP15000 - Maybe the one to replace the Pro-100?

    First let's take a look at this machine Take a note of this : Note: This printer is designed for use with Epson cartridges only, not third-party cartridges or ink.* See Important Ink Info...
  6. mikling

    Function fo PhotoBlue in Canon 281,581 printers

    With the introduction of the named printers, Canon introduced PhotoBlue into these printers in the 6 tank models replacing the Gray ink in prior models. Some had thought that this was to extend the Blue range, In fact Canon does hint or not at this when you read the marketing text. In fact...
  7. mikling

    A bit of Sunshine

    In this period of gloom and doom for refilling, I just saw this google ad pop up on my screen for a Canon TS5020. Canadians can obtain one of these for $89.99 which is close to $60USD. I am currently using one and have three more tucked away. I purchased mine for as low as 39.99 CAD and as high...
  8. mikling

    Cleaning Pro-100 printheads

    Now that "cheap" Pro-100 printheads can no longer be found it is now becoming necessary for the unfortunate ones who have discovered that Cartridge condition is vital to keeping these printers printing problem free. Method of refilling is important and even with the best of practices, the tank...
  9. mikling

    What is the meaning of this on the Epson P700 and P900 Note on the ink shelf life. There is a little explicit statement. Printer is designed for use with Epson cartridges only, not third-party cartridges or ink...
  10. mikling

    Voice activated printing Hey Alexa, print a picture of myself to look 30 years younger and handsome. "I'm sorry Dave, I'm afraid I can't do that" 2001 A space odyssey
  11. mikling

    The imaging market is evolving Direct effect.........look for increased electronic protection for refilling. Possibly increased prices for OEM ink. I don't see them...
  12. mikling

    In Reality, Refilling is not for everyone

    Some people are tempted by the savings BUT If you fear getting stains on your hands for a couple days, refilling is not for you. If you are not into details of what is happening, refilling is not for you. If you fear the unknown because printers can be complicated and in fact are not...
  13. mikling

    Precisioncolors Shipping Issues Explained....

    The cut has come not because of sellers but because sellers are always the place to point to when international shipping goes bad. I've been shipping internationally for over 15 years and I have stopped and restarted before until I had to take the decision to stop again because it was fraught...
  14. mikling

    The number of mfrs of aftermarket desktop inks keeps dropping

    Another big one from the other side of the pond is apparently no more....something happening there.
  15. mikling

    EU Customs Duties on inks from North America

    Can someone from Europe explain why so many potential purchasers of inks from North America are always afraid of the high duties imposed on inks from North America? I am curious about this situation because I do not know the reason why? Is there an industry that the EU is trying to protect...
  16. mikling

    What someone here needs to make for Canon Printers with their 3D printers

    Any possibility of making shoes for PGI-72 and PGI-9 printers? There is a need for those
  17. mikling

    Another one bites the dust -MG6300

    Took my 4-5 year old MG6320 to the recycle depot. Suddenly no output, ink is getting thru via cleaning. No error codes. Nothing unordinary. Just Nada in printing. About 12,000 pages. Took out priinthead and power supply. The logic board is likely defective or some sort of error that the...
  18. mikling

    Tired Of the New Internet

    The internet is going to create its own self destruction. Too many features from everybody supposedly to make things dumbproof and easy. These same features are now like sieves that allow hacking and all kinds of doors. making it necessary to make all kinds of programs and checks etc. ..and...
  19. mikling

    4 months no printing Pro-1

    Too busy to use my Pro-1 for the last 4 months. Today I reloaded it, and boom. First nozzle check perfect. Time to do some printing.