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  1. Paul Edmunds

    Reconmended A3+ printer (with a preference for Canon)

    Hi, what would members recommend?
  2. Paul Edmunds

    Pro 10s weak red

    Hi. Recently my reds have turned orange! I use Octoinkjet refill and checked the right colour is in the right cartridge! The main paper I use is Permajet Smooth Gloss 280 and has been profiled. The printhead is clear. There is no banding and past prints were superb. I am printing from Photoshop...
  3. Paul Edmunds

    Printout 24 ink from Germany

    Any views for possible use in a Pro 10?
  4. Paul Edmunds

    Canon Pro10s Redsetter cart problem

    Hi all. I have just re-set and re-filled all my carts for the Pro10s and all are fine apart from the PC. When placed in the Redsetter it just slowly blinks. Back in the printer it's not being recognised. I take it the cart is goosed! Your valued opinion aprecated.
  5. Paul Edmunds

    Pro 10s Red Ink

    Hello. Did I read somewhere that you can buy another 'larger' Canon red cartridge to drain and use the ink in the Pro 10? Could anyone tell me the Canon cartridge number? Thank you in advance. Paul
  6. Paul Edmunds

    Canon Pro 10 v Epson R3000 thoughts

    Hi. My wife and I run a successful photographic tuition business in France. Part of our guests 'package' are 4 A3+ prints of their best work printed on Bockingford Watercolour 190gsm. To start, our office printer for general work is a Epson R300 still going strong after 15 years! On the strength...
  7. Paul Edmunds

    Ink Owl Ink

    Any thoughts on the above!
  8. Paul Edmunds

    Pro 10s MK on watercolour paper

    Hi, I have just installed Octoinks into my Pro 10s. 99% of the time I use A3+ Bockinford watercolour paper but I notice the printer is using PK, what are the best settings to initiate the MK? Thank you for your help in advance.
  9. Paul Edmunds

    Hi From France

    Hello, I have just joined. My wife and I run a Photographic Holiday tuition business in S/W France 'French Photographic Holidays'. As part of the deal we offer every guest a selection of their 'work' printed A3+ to take away with them. Long story short, my second Epson R3000 has just died on me...