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  1. maximilian59

    Chromalife100 vs Chromalife100+ fading test, Update 18. June 2021

    Hello, four weeks ago I started a home made fading test with Canon inks. My samples are inside a east facing window with a gap of about 15 mm. The measured temperatures are from 19°C to about 50°C. Humidity is between 18% and 45%. The light intensity is measured with a data logger to calculate...
  2. maximilian59

    WF-7620 paper jam message without paper jam

    I got a WF-7620 to check. It does the nozzle check with some bad nozzles at black, printing with quality set to Standard on plain paper. But if I choose a different paper or higher quality setting, the problem starts. The paper is feeded just over the sensor and is visible just after the rolls...
  3. maximilian59

    Hello, I am Maximilian from Germany

    I started a few years ago with photo printing and own several printers for different purposes. The high end model is a Canon Pro-1000 only used with OEM inks followed by a Pro-100s. The second one is better to transport to others for demonstrations, but still an incredible printer. I use it with...