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    Is it ever advisable to run a cleaning cycle on a Pro 100 that is several years old, but has no problems?

    My Pro 100 is 6+ years old and I have no issues. Do i ever need to run a cleaning cycle. I use Precision Color inks.
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    Longevity of a Pro 100?

    I have a Pro 100 that's 6 years old and working great. I'm not a high volume printer, but print regularly (the printer is never idle over a few days, often print an invoice, etc.). I have refilled with Precision Color inks from day one. What can I expect for the life of the printer and the life...
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    Switching to Precision Signature Edition-Pro 100?

    I've used the previous Precision Color inks for several years in my Canon Pro 100 with zero problems. When I switch to SE inks, can I simply add ink to the empty cartridges that were using the older inks? Seems that I have read that it's OK, but I can't find the post. I don't care if the colors...
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    My Canon Pro 100 won't print large images. Prints only parts of image. What do I do?

    Suddenly, I can't print large images (from a jpeg) on my Pro 100. I reinstalled the drivers with no change. Here is a print preview of what is happening. Sometimes the image is half the page, other times the middle in not printed, bit the top and bottom are. I often print things like invoices at...
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    Short Term storage of a Pro 100?

    I'm moving soon, and will need to store my Pro 100 printer. It will be in the original box (so safely packed) and in a temperature controlled storage facility. It will be there 1-2 months. What should I do (if anything) before packing it? Remove printhead and ink? Leave it as is? Thanks! Fred
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    What's with all the movement inside my Pro 100 before printing?

    Many times, my Pro 100 will go through a lot of "action, movement" before it prints. And this is even if I have printed within the 60 hour mark. It sounds like lots of carriage and other parts moving for a long time. I've had many Canon printers, but never one that did so much, or took so long...
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    Can I use refilled CLI-42 cartridges to initially setup a Pro 100?

    I know that this has been a questioned proposition and I'm not sure whether there is a consensus opinion. Some say to always use the brand new set of CLI-42 cartridges that come with the printer during setup. Has anyone setup a new Pro 100 with refilled cartridges? If it's best to use the new...
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    Maxify.....or MegaTank Canon printer and why?

    I want to add a daily use printer (refillable) to my Pro 100 which I'll use for photos. The Maxify or MegaTank look like good candidates. I'm a long-time, competent refiller with CLI8 and CLI42 cartridges, but have never touched the other two I mentioned. I'm looking for a dependable, very easy...
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    Anyone using Canon "G" -series printers (MegaTank)?

    G1200, G2200, G3200, G4210, etc...This seems like a good way to go for someone who doesn't want to refill cartridges the way that most of us do.....and doesn't need the higher quality prints as from most photo printers. So, used as a daily use printer to print invoices, etc. Do these printers...
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    Completely dried out CLI-8,CLI-42 cartridges. How to ready to use?

    I can't seem to find the definitive thread on getting my CLI-42 cartridges ready to use. I have been using CLI-8s in my ip4200, but want to transition to my new Pro 100. I have a couple of sets of OEM Canon CLI-42s (and plenty of CLI-8s for yellow to re-chip). I have the propylene glycol +...
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    Free: Used printhead.

    I have TWO used Canon ip4200 in box. The printheads died so I transitioned to my last new ip4200, which I'll use and refill until it dies.Are in great shape, just needs a printhead....or for parts! One of the last easy to refill printers using CLI-8 carts..I'll go on to my new, unopened Pro...
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    Canon Pro 100 for $59

    At Adorama! Click for lower price and it is $309-250 rebate is $59.00 with free paper thrown into the deal.
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    Is a Pro 100 my best bet?

    My last refillable printer is failing, so I want to get something to enable me to continue refilling. The recent rebates on the Pro 100 make it very appealing (as well as being able to purchase print heads reasonably). Most of my printers. over many years of refilling, have failed because of bad...
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    Sources for empty CLI-42 cartridges?

    I plan to order a new Canon Pro 100 printer this week and want to refill the ink cartridges (as I have done with my ip4200 for years). I've always bought empty cartridges on eBay, but the CLI-42 carts are really expensive there. Does anyone know of other sources for used CLI-42 empties...
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    On my last ip4200....Will buy a Pro 100- Have refilling questions.

    I have refilled (German method) for many years. I bough several ip4200 Canons on closeout, but am on my last one. I'm thinking a Pro 100 would be the best choice (esp with the rebate through December). So, I have a few questions about the 100. I have scoured the forum, and watched Yuotube...
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    Will ip4200 work on Windows 10?

    I am needing to purchase a new PC, as mine is outdated and on it's last legs. Canon says it no longer supports the ip4200. They are such terrific, refillable printers that I really want to continue using them. Will my ip4200 printers work with Windows 10? Are drivers available somewhere? If...
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    Can Anyone Suggest A Canon Wireless Printer Using Cli-8 Cartridges?

    I have been refilling my ip4200 Canon printers for years with few problems (German method). My wife has suddenly decided that she needs a wireless printer. What used Canon wireless should I look for (that uses CLI8 & PGI5) so I can use my current resetter and empty cartridges? Thanks! Fred
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    Is there a buy/sell forum?

    Seems like there used to be a buy/sell forum. I have a brand new Canon ip4200 that's going to Ebay.....but I thought I'd offer it here first. Thanks, Fred
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    Used Canon MP530 a good buy?

    I'm trying to archive a few printers to be able to continue re-filling (German method). I have a nice, running ip4200 and 2x NEW ip4200's in storage. Are used Canon MP530's a good idea? I see 2 on local CL for $50 and $25 each. I think the printheads are the same on the ip4200....which have...
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    Simply removing/replacing the same chipped CLI8-reset needed?

    If you remove a chipped cartridge(in my case a CLI8 for a Canon ip4200) and immediately put it back into the printer(*same* exact cartridge),it does't require a reset,does it? For example,I remove all my full and recently reset cartridges to add a small piece of tape over the refill holes...