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    Ts9150 absorber change.

    Have anyone tried to change Absorber in a Ts9150? Does anyone know where to by an absorber kit? My experience is limited to changing absorber in Ip7250.
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    Lucky head clean Epson XP-402

    Have anyone had a possitive way to unclog the printhead of a XP-402 while the printhead was installed? What method was used?
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    IP7250 keeps on clogging magenta

    I experience a IP7250 which is clogging magenta roughly three (3) A4 prints after heavy cleaning with cold tap water and deep cleaning. First nozzle check looks fine. Second check shows various lines in magenta. Control print of A4 picture shows no magenta. I'm using non OEM (3rd party) ink. My...
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    EU supplier for Canon spare parts

    Does anyone know a supplier for Canon spare parts who can supply in EU without ekstra customs (after Brexit)? At the monent I'm looking for a waste ink absorber kit QY5-0384.
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    Circuit diagram for canon ts9150

    Anyone knowing where or how to find a circuit diagram for canon ts9150 in order to being able to read and write to a cartridge chip?
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    Bulk ink for Canon CLI-551 and CLI-581

    I've just got refillable cartridges of this type. At the same time I got some ink by the name of 'ink-mate' from The yellow ink is very weak in the color (none vivid) and the pictures come out too red. Is there any manufactor who make ink more like the original from Canon or...
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    MG7550 error 6000

    Does anyone know where to look for the reason for error 6000 when no paper is stuck anywhere? Rightside (seen from front) lookes like this. Leftside look like this The printer have had its first error 1700, but is zeroed.
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    Canon inkprinter without ink absorber (running full).

    Do anyone know a Canon ink printer which to not have the risk of ink absorber running nearly full? Do any one know any inkjet printer which can do more than 10 K A4 picture printouts without systematic errors? Any company?