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    pro-1 print image not centered..

    I've been using pro-1 with no issue. Mainly print photos on 4x6 inch paper. All of sudden, image is not centered when printing. Print from photoshop and center option is enabled. double checked. all the other option is the same as before. Where should I look into? By the way, How can I...
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    Looking for Epson P904(p900 series) adjustment program..

    I have no luck finding adjustment program for epson p904 . I get message saying somthing like ink pad life has been reached.. While I was using r1900, could find adjprog from google.. Can somebody give me some advice?
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    P900 porous sponge(pad) replacement?

    After printing some amount of photos on 4x6inch paper, porous sponge on printing area got wet and smudged too much. I have never printed with borderless option with this printer... I would like to replace it with genuine parts but the official center refuses to sell the parts only. I have...