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    Color Laser printers for Photo Quality output

    Hello, I read the reviews on Laser Printers, and all printers listed have bad Photo print quality. There are numerous amazon reviews that state the same. Youtube videos shows unboxing and some even show that for real a printer scans printed photo and outputs same photo of very bad quality...
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    PrintFAB is kaput? Forum and store does not work.

    Hello, perhaps you also noticed that for weeks now the PrintFAB Forum and store is not working.
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    P900 Premium glosssy paper not enough patches or fake Epson ink?

    Hello, With Epson P900 brand new printer, I try to re-create Epson Premium Glossy paper profile. I can't seem to make it happen. The profile is way smaller and does not reproduce blue colors correct among others. Profile is made with i1Profiler or Copra 8, no difference. I use 2945 patch...
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    Recommended compatible inks for P700

    Hello, I'm researching for Recommended compatible inks for EPSON SC-P700 printer. Inktec does not have Violet in their inkset
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    Canon Printers for a fool? a.k.a Canon G series

    Canon seems to have slipping ground with the Epson L series EcoTank etc. But they decided to magically turn single use carts to "CISS -Printheads" by rinning tubes to them. Should I mention the print heads move on bent sheet metal? Not a proper linear guide like old printers? Like EPSON L800...
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    Ink Compatibility List EPSON

    Hello, Looking for Ink Compatibility List EPSON. Example: YEAR - PRINTER MODEL NUMBERS - CARTRIDGE NUMBER - INK Type DYE or Pigment Found this site But no year or ink type
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    3D print bubble bursted, what brands are still floating?

    Acording to some mass media, the 3D printing bubble bursted some time ago in 2014? What brands are still floating and what your general suggestions? The amazing is how stupid some prices are, are people really that rich or stupid crazy? For example the chinese xyzprinting cheap brand with major...
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    EPSON printer hack over UART

    I just found this. I wonder any new EPSON printers can be hacked this way too?
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    Energy usage Laser vs. InkJet printer (video)

    EPSON made a nice video that shows that InkJet type printer needs way less energy.
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    Ricoh Gelsprinter can I use regullar ink?

    Hello, since Ricoh Gelsprinter uses piezo printhead that does not boil the ink. There are some manufacturers selling sublimation ink for it. I was thinning that regular DYE or pigment ink should work also. Anyone tested this? I can imagine no problems with DYE ink, but for pigments??? The...
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    TV/Monitor/DVD issues

    The auto calibration surprisingly is just not as good as anyone could expect from this kind of monitor, at least the calorimeter is still needed to get colors right.
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    Anyone tried these papers?

    Anyone from Europe tried these papers?
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    MP210 capping station problem

    Hello, I have MP210, the problem is that only black print head nozzles dries out in a day or two. The problem is resolved if you turn off the printer and print head is moved by hand to right size. I replaced the capping station from another almost identical printer that uses same capping...
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    UV Printing on a cylinder, OEM, DIY etc?

    Hello, I'm researching ways to print onto cylinders by using UV ink. The things that printing need to be done are: 20mm in diameter (0.787402 inch), 1.5meter (59.0551 inch) in length. Looking for ready to use ways (printers), and DIY ways (including buying printheads, controller etc.). If you...
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    Qimage Ultimate - Print Unclog Pattern

    Hello, while I do understand that this is a plain marketing nothing more, this feature can help, like printing purge pages, but claiming it's unique and such "formatted for your printer" really sounds cheap. I had no idea Qimage has resorted to such...
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    Fairy washing liquid + Print head = kaputt

    So, after two months of soaking my IP6700D printhead in 2 desert spoons of fairy and 250ml water I decided to see how it unclogged ! This the jar I used for soaking: Opening the jar showed a precipitate on one of the ports: This is the washing sponge showing something has dissolved...
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    sponge parking / cleaningpad replacement

    Hello, on newer canon printers the parking pad is made from ceramic and does not require replacements, however some printers still use sponge pads for cleaning the head. For example Brother MFC printers have a sponge pad at the left side of the printer (opposite parking location) that is used...
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    High Frequesncy Ultrasonic Unclogging?

    Hello. I know that typical ultrasonics 40khz kill a print head, no doubt about it. While EPSON heads are more durable the inkjet heads are not suppose to be cleaner with typical cleaners. Industrial wide format heads are different story. But I have to confirm the frequesncy used. However the...
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    How Many Psi Is Save For A Printhead?

    How many PSI air purge is save for a Canon, EPSON ,HP printhead? With water I know it must be low, I'm told 1psi but isn't that too low? Fot 5pl or so nozzles for eco solvent/solvent ink heads they use like 8psi. So it makes sense that for smaller nozzles you must use lower pressure. But what...
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    Make Your P50/t50 To L800 With Firmware Chip Mod

    Hello, it is possible to make your EPSON P50/T50 to L800 with firmware chip mod. For this you need to buy the chip and re-solder it in place of current chip. Chip costs 15Eur, so far not available on ebay :( Seems like L800...