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  1. Nifty

    PLA reacting to heat much more quickly.. !

    I don't think I've ever had a clog before... maybe in the early days? ... of course, always printing with a .6 or larger nozzle helps avoid them a bit more than .4 :)
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    PLA reacting to heat much more quickly.. !

    I've definitely had a wide degree of experience with different manufacturers and batches of PLA! I think this is probably why Prusa went to so much trouble with their filament to track and supply all the details about each and every roll! Fortunately, 99% of the stuff I print doesn't require a...
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    What Are You Currently Printing?

    I saw this funny and could relate to stuff I'm often printing. (audio must be on)
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    3D Printing going Main-Stream with Shoes?!

    Gets a bit technical, but pretty interesting that they are using 3D printers for production shoes!
  5. Nifty

    So Tempting - Bambu Lab X1 3D Printer

    I really like Stephan's videos. He goes DEEP into the Voron, and keeps comparing it to the Bambu:
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    Creality Ender 3 V2 - On Sale $196 Shipped!

    This is a really great deal! It's amazing to me that someone could pick up a 3D printer so cheap!
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    3D Modeling Tutorial - OnShape

    Huh, really? I think I've pretty much been with only two (others I've tested for a day or two), but I did Tinkercad for about 3-4 years, and then about a year or so ago started using OnShape. ... of course, maybe you only have two hats? LOL! Wait, am I reading this right? That you think that...
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    3D Modeling Tutorial - OnShape

    I'm a HUGE fan of the TeachingTech youtuber, and I really enjoy designing with OnShape. He's done a BRILLIANT job with his tutorial series that I've been following along with: Here's the 2nd video in the series where he's creating basic parts. I'm at video 4 and have learned some really...
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    HELP! Best Color Laser Printer For Graphic Arts

    Spam definitely comes in waves and it's a constant cat/mouse battle to keep spammers at bay, but not blocking legit users. We have a lot of great systems in place that keep out about 99% of the attempts at spam. It's actually quite amazing to see the backend logs that show how many people (and...
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    For Impatient 3D Printing Peeps Like Me - Volcano !!

    Yup, I'm impatient, like to print fast, and am usually fine trading off quality for speed. That being the case, this hack is RIGHT up my alley! I just need to buy a few 0.8 volcano nozzles and I should be good to go! (oh, and print a new extended fan duct)
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    New Upgrade coming soon for my CR-10..

    Wow, what an experience! I bet after that ordeal you're glad to be back printing!!
  12. Nifty

    Coloured Lithophanes

    Wow! It's stuff like this that makes me have more faith in humanity. Such smart creativity out there. (would be fun to go to one of those events someday)
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    So Tempting - Bambu Lab X1 3D Printer

    While tempting, a few things held me back: I'd wait for the 2nd iteration / version (maybe a bit after the kickstarter has completed / shipped) for the software to be fully fleshed-out and bugs squished. While it does a lot of cool automated stuff... there are some things I like to do manually...
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    Taught it was time to try some 3D prints..

    W Wow, nice work!!! :thumbsup
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    BIG 3D PRINTER !!! Building a Large Format 3D Printer

    Oh wait... maybe these are side-blowers for cooling:
  16. Nifty

    BIG 3D PRINTER !!! Building a Large Format 3D Printer

    I've been following this guy's AMAZING build, and it finally came together in the video below. I don't see any cooling... and I'm curious how this works with such HUGE thick lines of hot plastic that probably take forever to solidify.
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    So Tempting - Bambu Lab X1 3D Printer

    Ugh, I'm just not patient enough to watch any live-streams. I'm a fan of the shorter curated (script, editing, etc.) videos. One of my FAV 3D youtube peeps did this great review. He has a VERY strict policy on stuff that is sent to him for reviews, and does a good job:
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    A Few 3D Reprints...

    Same.Same. :) Vast majority of my prints I do are 3 hours or less (most are only an hour or less), and anything 10 hours or under, I'll just print during the day since I can keep an eye on it in my office. If the situation arises where I have a print that is 10+ hours, I might do an overnight...
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    So Tempting - Bambu Lab X1 3D Printer

    Deeper-dive if anybody is interested:
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    A Few 3D Reprints...

    Incredible!!!! I think my longest print was 8 hours, and that felt like FOREVER to me.