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    B/W printing with the ET-8500/8550

    The German distributor for refill inks farbenwerk is offering a new Carbonprint B/W inkset specifcally developed for the ET-8500/8550 Ecotank printers, using such inks eliminates typical problems printing B/W or monochrome with dye inks.
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    HP OEM vs. non-OEM cartidges - a (paid) report

    I don't give up searching for information about ink fading............and came across this report - it does not deal with longevity but with issues with 3rd party cartridges and refill inks for several HP printers - in North America, it's quite an extensive test they did, and HP paid for it...
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    Do pigment inks fade slower than dye inks ?

    I'm reading quite frequently a statement that pigment inks perform better in regards to fading than dye inks. I consider such statement quite meaningless since no details at all are available - which inks are compared - 3rd party dye vs. OEM pigment ? - or any other combination of inks - which...
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    Epson Claria Standard Ink 502

    A recent posting triggered me to look for the bottled inks for Epson Ecotank printers in the U.S., the ET-2850 uses the Epson 502 inks which are named as 'Claria Standard Inks'. This inkset consists of 3 CMY dye ink bottles and a pigment black ink Claria inks in...
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    A Test of the Epson P700 vs. the Canon Pro 300

    The German Druckerchannel forum has pubished a comprehensive test for these two pigment ink printers (Google Translate may help to a degree)
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    Yet another fading test of dye inks - the last one (?)

    I'm getting ready for another ink fading test with inks which found the way to me, in this case some leftover refill inks which are just labelled with 'Cenado' on the top of the bottles - nothing else . Cenado inks and cartridges are distributed via Amazon which could be the likely source. I...
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    A Fading Test of Inkjet Papers

    Not just inks have a significant impact onto the fading performance but the paper in such test as well; I started a fading test with a range of inkjet papers and measured as well the black level at the start of this test, it's the L- luminance value of the Lab value of the black spot on the...
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    Too many inks

    I'm having a problem that people ask me something like this - 'Are you interested to get some left over refill inks - I just purchased a new printer which uses different inks- and I ask you before I dump them...'. And I take those inks before they get dumped - almost empty ink bottles of this or...
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    Megatank printer test - G7050 ET-4850 HP 7305

    The German Druckerchannel Forum has published a pretty detailed test of these tank system printers One detail about the inks is missing - its fading performance - all...
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    Canon bottled dye inks

    It was about a year ago that @maximilian59 and I did a range of fading tests with Canon and Epson inks, new printer models with ink tanks got announced a few months earlier like the Canon G550 or the Epson ET-8550 - both with the 'real' Claria or Chromalife 100 inks, these inks performed much...
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    High speed inkjet printing

    If your printing demand goes beyond your home capabilities you can go here “As a company we've effectively transitioned from toner to inkjet-based...
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    Air in the ink supply of Ecotank printers

    There is a rarely covered issue with the ink supply in Ecotank printers, inks are fed via tubes to the printhead, actually to a damper which connects the tubes to the ink receptacles, the dampers, in the printhead. The printhead carriage is not changed vs. the baseline cartridge printers, the...
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    The fastet fading ink

    Here is the fastest fading inkjet ink - how about 2 days
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    JToolman's Youtube videos

    Jose Rodriguez with his plenty videos got hacked a week or two ago but he is back
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    Color shift of profile patch sheets

    When you print patch sheets to create a icc-profile you are supposed to let the prints dry for a while - but how much ? There are various different recommendations published in the Internet from 1 hour to 1 day. I did a test with a small patch sheet - 96 patches - on a PE/RC glossy photo paper...
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    Chromogenic light amplifier

    I'm a kind of puzzled about some property of the Canon Pro Platinum inkjet paper, it is highly rewarded in this article I stumbled over it accidentally, when you scroll down to the description for this paper you find a statement like this...
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    How to get a BBQ grill burning in a few seconds

    a particular anniversary is coming up beginning of october - the 25th anniversary of the IgNobel price awarded to George Goble at Harvard University who found a way to speed up the lighting of BBQ charcoal This within seconds
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    Some tests with the ET-8550

    I got a good bargain for an ET-8550 - 100€ below the lowest price on Amazon - by the Epson store offering B-ware - printer new - unused but with some damage to the outer box, and with extended Epson warranty for 3 years or 50 k sheets. I 'm currently running an L1800 as well , a classic 6...
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    Some observations when profiling budget level glossy papers

    I'm using low cost/budget level glossy papers in some situations - e.g. when longevity does not count an/or I don't need the largest gamut - the best gloss or else. These lower cost papers are cast coated papers - with the paper back side and no barrier between the coating and the paper base...
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    Fading of Inkjet Papers

    I'm currently testing a mode to simplify my test mode for the fading of inks and papers, one approach is the use of the i1profiler software with additional convenience and options ( I paid for ) and as well a simpler way to use a scanner and the histogram function to which I'll come a little...