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  1. Redbrickman

    Coloured Lithophanes

    Very interesting way to created coloured Lithophanes
  2. Redbrickman

    Fast Printing Modular Drawer system

    If you are a hobbyist that needs some organisation for the hundreds of different parts you have or you can't think of anything to feed your 3D printer with then this is a great project, fast and ecomonical to print too...
  3. Redbrickman

    Very interesting video about gear extruders and some issues with print artefacts

    As per the title the presenter examines the possible link between dual gear extruders and print artefacts. Interestingly he suggests that the Prusa Mini and Ender 3 may produce better prints than the Prusa MK3 due to only using a single gear rather than the dual gear extruder.
  4. Redbrickman

    Solidworks - hobbyist licence $99

    Not interested in this as I have a Mac and they only have Windoze software and no affiliation but if you are considering a professional grade design software then it may be of interest...
  5. Redbrickman

    Feeling tyred?

    More tyres than you can shake a stick at...
  6. Redbrickman

    RGB 3D printing anyone?

    Just seen this interesting little printer. Appears you can mix three colours and also mix filaments as long as the temps are pretty similar. Would be interesting to blend something like PLA and PETG or Nylon on the twin extruder version.
  7. Redbrickman

    When you just have to get a bit closer to the action!

    Warning - if you suffer from motion sickness do not watch :)
  8. Redbrickman

    Ceramics and 3D

    Amazing :ep
  9. Redbrickman

    A new project

    Start of a new project, a Focke Wulf 152H plane. Just the front cowling in white PLA. Will be a while before I complete it as I will be experimenting with LW-PLA for some parts of the model in order to keep the weight down. Inner and outer cowl snap together but will be glued of course once I...
  10. Redbrickman

    A little picture test

    Trying a Lithophane print. Could have picked a better quality original picture but at only 50mm high I think it came out good for a first try. Lots of tuning to do to perfect the layers and opacity and adjust levels of the original for best prints. Encouraging to see that you can go almost full...
  11. Redbrickman

    When you just want that Benchy finished fast!

    Insane speed!
  12. Redbrickman

    Amazing little models.

    Got to admire the design ingenuity of these guys
  13. Redbrickman

    Versatile Spool holder

    Came across this design recently, very versatile
  14. Redbrickman

    Handy tool

    This one will be handy if you are like me and do some model making where hand drills are "handy" for drilling soft materials. Also useful for reamers which I use when changing the tuners in some guitar headstocks. No more sore hands from reaming.
  15. Redbrickman

    Petsfang Direct Drive Mod for CR10

    Might interest some CR10 owners...
  16. Redbrickman

    Multicoloured Prints

    This is definitely hard core DIY but the idea is just great
  17. Redbrickman

    Nice CNC drawing machine project.

    This one has peaked my interest and will be the next project after I finsih the new printer build
  18. Redbrickman

    Go on...You know you want to :)

    Forget the Benchy, this one will be fun :)
  19. Redbrickman

    Fusion 360 - Nice Tutorial site

    I confess I have tried to learn Fusion 360 but I don't spend enough regular time on it for it to stick in my mind, either that or I'm just too old o_O If you do decide to have a go I can recommed this excellent set of tutorials, and besides, who doesn't want to make a Lego brick :)...
  20. Redbrickman

    Do you hate your 3D printer?

    If you no longer are in love with your printer then why not give it some abuse :)