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    Source for non ARC Canon refillable carts?

    Or ARC carts that do read ink levels which I now understand most do not. Which I found out the hard way thru Ink Owl in spite of what their tech told me.. The specific carts I'm looking for are refillable PGI-5(BK) and CLI-8(C,M,Y,BK). I did find these...
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    Canon 3rd party carts not showing empty

    Details; Canon ip4300 printer (new purchased a few years ago, just placed in service to replace the same model with maxed out waste ink pads. Ink Owl auto resetable carts (no need for a chip resetter) PGI-5 & CLI-8) Carts are replacing older 3rd party (that needed a resetter) where the sponges...
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    Canon ink cart cross reference

    I came across this list of printer carts and the models they use. It came from My question is; is this in chronological order of the cart series? It appears it is, but couple may be out of order (Canon 6 for example).
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    Canon's secret (sort of) MC-G01/G02 Maintenance Cartridge for some printers

    I'm not a fan of YouTube videos for the most part, but every so often one comes along and really stands out. especially when it hits home (so to speak). I have read a number of the dreaded 5B00 error code from the filled ink pads on Canon printers and stumbled across this video that talks about...
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    Looking to replace a much older Canon printer; current or older model?

    Situation; Current printer of probably 8 years: ip4300 Panasonic Laser printer Printer only, no multi function machine, no wireless connection, I was considering one of these large tank printers as long as 3rd party ink is available, Replaceable printhead!! (a must), Drivers for Win7 & XP Pro...
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    Problem with specific color streaking from a possible damaged printhead

    I seem to have a problem with magenta over the other two (cyan & yellow). Using test pages of the three colors and black magenta seems to glog the worst. This is with 2 different refillable carts and different printheads. The printer is a ip4300 with CLI & PGI carts. I've done multiple flushes...
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    What are the last printer series with a resettable cartridge chip that can be refilled w/ bulk ink?

    I'm thinking about a move to Epson, but my major concern are their locked out, non-resetable/ non refillable carts and printheads that can't be replaced. I don't need or want the 'latest and greatest' models as long as the bulk ink, carts/tanks and printheads are available. These models with...
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    Epson Inspiration series; 822 cartridge, resetting possible?

    Can their 822 carts be reset? I did a number of searches, but noting conclusive other than I couldn't find anything that says yes. :(. If not, can these be refilled by 3rd party chips/cartridges? The specific printer is a XP446
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    Older printer (ip4300); excessive cleaning cycles, connected to switch power strip

    I have a ip4300 that I have had connected to a switched power strip alone with my Tower & monitor. I thought I remember reading somewhere some time ago that that may affect the frequency of these (what I call) unnecessary cleaning cycles, especially the "deep cleaning". Anyone have any insite...
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    Recomended bulk ink sources for Canon PGI-5 CLI-8 carts in the States

    I did find some 'sources', but couldn't find anything that were actual recommendations. I surely don't want the 'cheapest', nor do I want the 'best'. Just something above average. I mostly print off web pages & documents with some color graphics etc. Any larger jobs of text only I use my laser...
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    No email notifications

    IIRC, this isn't new, I had trouble before. Two months ago (give or take) I changed my email address due to a different ISP (the old one, I usd their email service so I had to), or tried to, but had issues logging back in. I never received notification to respond to the change and I couldn't log...
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    IP4300 sludge looking paste left on ink pad under print head

    After a year of light use (around 1600 copies) printing mostly text documents and the rest web pages (little pictures/photos), I discovered a black 'sludge sitting on top of the larger black pad. It was causing streaking of the non pigment black showing up in non text (pictures within the page)...
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    Are all HP inkjets still using the integrated tank/printhead design?

    Somehow I was under the impression that HP switched from their combined ink tank/printhead to separate carts & separate printheads. Or are they all still an integrated tank/printhead? If so, is this combo a single printhead with all 4 tanks together, or how many colors (including black) they...
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    Can a qy6-0061 printhead be used in a iP5200?

    A iP4300 uses a qy6-0061 printhead. I believe I read a -067 PH is for for a iP5200. But, I see dozens of listings (not just e-bay) for a 0061 PH for both a iP4300 & a iP5200. Can qy6-0061 be used in a iP5200? According to a couple of older reviews, the nozzle count is greater in the 67 than...
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    Canon iP4300 10x flashing green-orange, B200 error code

    This error that I never experienced or heard of before (until now). Out of no where when I was going to print this error showed. The cyan cart was low at the time, I was going to print a single page, but this occurred. I read a number of posts elsewhere and two much older here stating it's the...
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    Long term storage of a ip4300

    According to Canon's service literature (for the ip4500 which is basically the same unit), the printhead should not be stored in the printer and the carriage should be in the "Home" position (middle of the printer slide rail). Reading further in the manual, under "Special Notes On Servicing"...
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    Striped colors from CLI-8 carts & IP4300

    This isn't another 'missing yellow' thread. ;) (And sorry for the long background story) I upgraded to a IP4300 from a i560 2+ years ago and up to 3 weeks ago have had next to NO problem refilling the tanks, nor with the printhead. Then I got the dreaded 5 flashing orange lights error denoting...
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    IP4300 w/ a qy6-0061 print head

    I bought this printer used 2 years ago which replaced a i560 that I had for probably 10 years (it was replaced once IIRC) The print head died with the dreaded blinking 5 orange LED error message. I had a spare, but that lasted a dozen prints and it starting streaking. I flushed the head out...
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    Pigmented black doesn't print (iP4300)

    The printhead good, so is the pigmented black cart. They were both checked in another 4300. This is what appears to be a unused printer as the purge pads are mostly still white! The other four (dye based) colors print ok. There are no error lights or errors shown in Win7. Any ideas? This...
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    CLI-8 & PGI-5 auto-reset carts; ink level monitoring still available?

    3rd party CLI-8 & PGI-5 carts with auto resettable chips, is the ink monitoring ability still available, or is it disabled? I'm reading conflicting reports. Printer is a iP4300 (if that matters)