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    MX922 Will not Boot, Copy Light Just Flashes

    Try turning off you internet network, especially the Wi-Fi and see if your printer will start up normally. It’s worth a shot
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    MG7550 not powering up

    I don’t know how this first post happened. I thought I erased it and posted what follows instead, but that’s not what happened. So I’m going try it again: After pausing your internet connection: Turn on the printer Slide the lcd printer menu to the right and tap setup Tap Web Service setup...
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    MG7550 not powering up

    Try this. I have 3 Maxify printers that all started rebooting loop around the same time, (May 30th). I thought it was from a power outage but is actually from your Wi-Fi connection. 1) I turned off the WiFi the printer is supposed to be on -> printer was able to boot. That includes router &...