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    horizontal lines in prints

    My epson 2200 printer is printing fine horizontal lines in finish prints. see attached. I have cleaned nozzles several times. Any idea what is happening? thanks
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    Reds printing dark on epson 3800

    My Epson 3800 is printing "reds" dark but other colors are pretty much spot on although the other colors are a shade darker. The reds however are much darker than the screen color. I have cleaned nozzles several times.....any idea why this is happening? thanks Gene
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    epson 3800 printer - no photo black printing

    I have a epson 3800 printer. It will not print photo black on the nozzle check. Did a couple cleaning cycles and it printed photo black on nozzle check. I printed a pic and it printed fine. Then it stopped printing photo black again. Did nozze check and no photo black on nozzle check. Also...
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    epson 3800 printer not printing photo black

    Hi. My 3800 epson 3800 printer is not printing photo black. I have cleaned the nozzles and print head several times. The nozzle check pattern prints the other seven nozzle check patterns perfectly but no black block pattern. Shouldn't it print eight blocks and not seven when I do nozzle...