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    Its not easy being green

    Hello again , Thank ya'll for all your help in the past. Now seems as though every time I get help another problem develops. Heres the latest: Epson 4000. Epson ink. Epson glossy paper. Get a perfect nozzle check printout. There are no color biases. Prints have a distinct overall Green tint...
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    too large to print?

    I need to print a large canvas 48 X 36 gallery wrap so I added 2 inches to all 4 sides. Now we have a 52 x 40! So I attempted to place an order at 300 dpi and it was not accepted - too large. Dropped down to 240 dpi - still too large. Width 12,480 pix x 9600 pix. Pixel dim 342.8M. The canvas...
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    Canon P100 Carts half full or half empty?

    A visible inspection of the carts clearly indicates they are half full. But as you can see - the Supply Levels say differently. Any way to get them to operate.? Or do I bite the bullet and replace 5 carts.
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    Now What? Epson Stylus Pro 4000 ink

    I have been using this machine off and on since I bought it new in 2004. It has served me well making beautiful prints both in color and b & w. For many reasons I have not been able to print on it for a long period of time and the ink needs replenished. I recently purchased 110ml ink factory...