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    Weird nozzle check on Canon Pro-100, clog or ?

    Please see attached 2 files (hopefully that works ok). The first one is the original nozzle check done a week or two ago, the second is the one from today, #19, and I have 17 more nozzle checks in between these two. I'm refilling OEM carts with PC inks. This is the first problem ever with...
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    Printheads Canada

    Anybody know a good place to buy Canon printheads in Canada?
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    Canon Maxify MB5120 carts and inks

    I'm in Canada, so hoping for a supplier who is also in Canada. Looking for refillable cartridges and inks for the MB5120. Suggestions....? Also, anybody know if the Precision Colors inks for the PGI-1200 will work in the MB5120?
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    Windex vs. Pharmacist's Solution?

    What is the difference between these two, aside from the smell of the Windex? Which one is more thorough at cleaning?
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    Storing Spare Cartridges

    When storing filled or partially filled cartridges, is it necessary/advisable to tape over the air vent? (I previously did this with 4 carts, and one of them overflowed through the air vent. They are CLI-8, if that makes a difference.)
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    Oh No! My trusty ol' ip4000!

    I was having problems with this printer, so I replaced the printhead with a new one, inserted a brand new OEM pigment black, and 4 refilled dye carts. Now the dye carts seem to be fine, as far as I can tell. I did a wee bit of printing: my CMYK strip tester, which looks good. I also printed...
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    When is a refilled cartridge done for good?

    Is there any way to determine if a refilled cartridge is getting worn out and needs to be replaced, aside from the obvious problems of not printing anymore, of course. Is it possible for an older cart that has been refilled many times to have a problem that could damage a printhead? I'm using...