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  1. rodbam

    Rihac inks for pro 9000

    Gday all hope you are all well. Since I've taken my poor ole Pro 9500 to the tip I have been using my Pro 9000 mk2 with the left over inks from Precision Colors which now are very low. I have just placed an order for a complete inkset from an Aussie mob called Rihac, I think they might be known...
  2. rodbam

    How to clean just the black on pro9000 head.

    Gday All. My Pro9500 is now going to E-waste & I have to go back to using my Pro 9000 mk2. It seems the black is the only colour needing a clean out & I was wondering if there's a way to just clean out that one channel without upsetting the the other colours as the nozzle check on them looks...
  3. rodbam

    Canon ImageProGraf Pro-300. Pro 10s replacement.

    Since my pro9500 head problem I've started looking around for the Pro10s & to my surprise it was unavailable at a couple of places which recommended the newer ImagePrograf Pro-300 for around $1000au. The cheapest price for the Pro10s is $729au, must be a run out price as it's normally more than...
  4. rodbam

    Pro9500 electrical head problem

    Looks like I have an electrical problem going by this nozzle check a, problems with the PC & PM. Are there any things to try or has it had it? I cleaned all the contacts with isopropyl but no change in the printout. Hope you are all staying well:)
  5. rodbam

    Pro9000 mk2 4 flashing yellow light

    Had some trouble with a couple of carts not lighting up red after refilling. I've had this happen a few times but after wiggling the carts they stay lit up & work fine. One cart was showing up as empty so I replaced all the carts with full ones & now I keep getting the 4 yellow warning lights &...
  6. rodbam

    Ave a good one

    Happy Easter printing you lot:-)
  7. rodbam

    Looks like a Pro10s is in my future

    Gday everyone hope you have all been well. I think my Pro9500 has an electrical problem, at first I thought is was just a clogged printhead but with this nozzle check it looks too uniform to be the printhead a. Has anyone seen a nozzle check like this?
  8. rodbam

    Squeeky Pro9500

    Gday all. This morning I printed out our elecric bill & heard this squeek when the paper was being ejected from the printer after being printed. I set the printer to print some more pages & got my camera & I noticed the squeek was there this time almost every time the paper advanced. Does anyone...
  9. rodbam

    Pro 9500 Colormunki updated software

    My colormunki software got updated to driver version 1.2.4. The first set of colour patches looked much the same as the original driver but the second set of colour patches looks a lot brighter with added colours of reds & purple that I haven't seen before. I've only printed out 3 shots so far...
  10. rodbam

    Pro9500 dodged a bullet

    I just finished printing a 13x19 print when I got a B200 warning telling me to turn off my printer & go into panic mode. I did a search here & watched a few Youtube vids & it seemed as though I had an electrical problem in the printer or it needed a new head. Lucky for me I had a new head I...
  11. rodbam

    My friends Pro10s

    My friend in Perth in Western Oz ended up buying the Pro10s & is loving it. He found Joe's (Jose) You Tube vids on his own & he will be getting his inks from Precision Colors. So thanks to everyone here for your help last year & a Happy New Year to all of you:-)
  12. rodbam

    Just a little help for a friend. Canon or Epson

    Gday everyone. An old friend (yes he's older than me) He lives in Perth about 4500klms from me & he emailed me that he wants to buy an A3= printer. The three names he gave me are the Canon Pixma pro 10s, the Pixma pro 1 & an Epson Epsom surecolor sc-p600. He only just started refilling his old...
  13. rodbam

    PGI9 ink bag problem Pro9500

    Gday all, I have been emptying the ink out of my PGI9 carts so I can refill them with the new ink formulation from Precision Colors. I used a syringe & the clip adapter to suck the old ink out & was careful not to pull the vacuum too hard but now I have a few carts where the bag inflates on its...
  14. rodbam

    Happy New Year everyone

    Both my printers the pro9000 & pro9500 seem to be going along without any problems so I haven't seen you lot for a while although I do pop in to keep an eye on you. Just wanted to say Gday as I've learnt so much from you all here. Anyhow behave yourselves:-)
  15. rodbam

    It's me again, Magenta problems pro 9500

    Gday everyone:love I often pop in here to lurk but everyone has moved on to new printers & no one talks about antique printers like my Pro 9500 anymore & I feel I don't have much to offer. Anyhow if you remember a year ago I posted about getting bad printouts in my Colormunki test prints & it...
  16. rodbam

    Pro 9000 head removal

    Gday all hope your all doing well. I have a new head for my Pro 9000 & I will use the old one for applying gloss optimiser to my 9500 prints. Can I remove & install the head with all the carts still in it? It won't do anything to the electrics will it? Only brainy posters need to reply:-)
  17. rodbam

    Pro9000Mk2 as a gloss optimiser printer

    Gday all, I have a new 9000 printhead coming because of my photo magenta channel being partially blocked (white lines in the nozzle check) so I want to use the old head for coating my 9500 prints with GO. I did try printing the same 70% grey in greyscale mode on the 9000 & it worked just as well...
  18. rodbam

    Pgi9 life span

    I did post this a few days ago in the older thread on my pro9500 magenta problems but no one has responded & I was wondering if it's because of the old thread or I have been sent to Coventry. Anyhow I will repost it in a new thread because it seems that my magenta Pgi9 carts went bad after less...
  19. rodbam

    Magenta problems Pro9500

    My Pro9000 is having bad Photo magenta nozzle checks & now my Pro9500 is exhibiting very strange behavior. This came to light when I tried to profile my new Bright white matte paper with the Colormunki Photo & the first test chart was not good at all. The first shows an old test print & that's...
  20. rodbam

    Pro9000MK2 Cartridge not recognised

    After the usual soaking in Windex & flushing etc to try & clear a bad nozzle check on my Photo Magenta port I have had two warnings of Cartridge not recognised, one on the magenta yesterday & just now I had it on the Photo Cyan. The message was fixed on both occasions by installing a different...