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    Hello to everyone !

    Welcome to the forum, Ozgur. We also love printers and are happy you are here.
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    New Print Head : No Cyan

    Yes, tap water is fine for flushing. If you have hard water, water with a lot of minerals, the the last flush can be with distilled water.
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    New Print Head : No Cyan

    I would flush the cartridges till clean (or clear water exiting if the cartridges are all opaque), then run isopropyl alcohol or Windex through the cartridge to disinfect as if there is a biologic contamination, then flush fully with water. At this point you can blow into the refill hole...
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    Picture Of The Week (POW) Information and Submissions

    Looks delicious! At least you have yeast. Cannot find any in the stores for a couple weeks.
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    Picture Of The Week (POW) Information and Submissions

    Thanks to the traditions of German immigrants, I have enjoyed many a chocolate Easter Bunny in my life. :thumbsup
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    variable luck resetting carts on Epson 1430

    I used Google, probably searched on "epson 1430 stacker assembly". Eventually I looked at Epson's web site and found Support and then able to find the US distributors I linked in my post. Click on the column for the part number, not the 133 - it toggles to the exploded diagram of the printer...
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    variable luck resetting carts on Epson 1430

    Just tried it from my posted link and still works for me. If it doesn't work for you then the part number is in the posted link: 1560247
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    Canon Pro-10 ink refill options

    #2 - a resetter, extra cartridges and ink - is called The Hat Trick. ;)
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    variable luck resetting carts on Epson 1430

    Also known as a "stacker assembly". Found a parts catalog. See #133: Then clicked on the field for #133 and got Now you know the part number to search on Google. Also...
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    Canon Megatank printers

    I do not know this printer but looking at the specs it has 6 ink tanks, including Pigment Black for text and 5 Dye-based cartrisges, and a rear feed, too. Nice. Have no idea if there are refill inks and ARC chips or a resetter. Hope it is durable and you are happy with the output. Let us know.
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    Canon Megatank printers

    I looked at the MegaTank line, even printed test pages in a brick and mortar store. I ended up going a different route with a Canon Maxify (the 5120 when it was on sale for $150 but now $180 at B&H). I knew going in that the Maxify is more an office printer with functional image quality but...
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    MG7120 Head Alignment problem

    YW, Mowerman90. I'll post on your new thread on MegaTanks.
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    MG7120 Head Alignment problem

    I'm not trying to make work for you. We've had people say their nozzle print was perfect but it wasn't when they finally posted it. :idunno I use a systematic approach to unknowns which typically includes starting from the start - a nozzle check - unless I am absolutely sure what the issue...
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    MG7120 Head Alignment problem

    Please print a nozzle check, scan and crop it, and post. Have you tried cleaning the timing strip yet?
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    Blocked nozzles

    😱 Are you selling print heads now?
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    Covid 19 Humour

  17. stratman

    Looking for Stripe Band for CANON MG5350

    I do not know. Besides inspection of both gears, if you had the part # for each gear you could determine if they are the same part. I do not have a parts catalog/manual for either printer.
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    Installing an other printer CISS. Help please.

    Thank you. May you and your family remain safe and well during these times.
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    Like to solve problems by myself, but not without your help.

    Welcome to the forum, Dr-Radwan. There are forum members with much knowledge of Epson printers. However, I am not one of them as I use Canon printers exclusively. Best of luck with your printer.
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    Best inks for Canon Pixma Pro 10S

    @Artur5 - Thank you!