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  1. PhilE

    Canon Pro 10 head alignment Mac OS Monterey

    I am wondering how to do a head alignment on a Pro 10 after several years of use. ( I heard it should be done every few months) I am using latest Mac OS and notice bottom plate cleaning function is not available for use. Is it a Mac OS upgrade thing? Thanks for any info-
  2. PhilE

    Driver for R3000 - Works for Big Sur/Monterey??

    Hello. Does the latest driver work with OS Monterey/ Big sur ? Ithink Driver version is 10.85 or ? Thanks!
  3. PhilE

    Will there be a way to reset cartridges in the Canon Pro 300?

    I have heard that the Red Setter folks will not be producing a re-setter for the Canon Pro 300. Does anyone know if this is a done deal for re-setting Pro 300 chips? They are the same basic cartridge as the Pro 10 so is there a work around.
  4. PhilE

    OEM PRO 1000 inks for refilling Pro 10 carts??

    A well known fellow in the printer world (Jose Rodriguez) last week mentioned that the inks from the Pro 1000 and Pro 2000 carts can be harvested and used to refill the Canon Pro 10 carts. (excepting grey) I ask this because I never heard him or any others mention this before. Do any of you use...
  5. PhilE

    question on harvesting ink from Pro 1000

    Hello. I am using a Pro 10 and would like to harvest the chroma Optimiser of the larger Chroma Optimiser of the Pro 1000. What syringe would be used for this? I have been getting the ink from the Pro 1 cartridges. Is the syringe the same for the Pro 1000? Much thanks!