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    Group Buy Inktek in Europe OR 250 ml sourcing

    Hi Looking for people interested in spliting 1 liter x9 of inktek here in Europe. Or alternatively if someone know where to order smaller quantities directly? Inktek hasen't reply to my emails Best
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    Printing Negatives on OHP Transparents Alternative Processes

    Hi I'd like to start printing large negatives for alternative processes and don't know how to get the density and right curve for a good final print. How could I produce an ICC with my color munki? Anybody with experience with that matter? Best
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    ilford smooth pearl - permajet clone, anybody tried it?

    Hi anyone tried that? ¨PermaJet Smooth Pearl 280-100 % replacement for Ilford Galerie Smooth Pearl 290¨ sheets are quite cheap, rolls still expensive compared to end of stock selling online
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    cheers from Geneva

    and happy new year... I have a 3880 and got a kit and a few bottles of ink republik a couple of years ago, and now they are close to empty I've been looking for latest reviews of non oem ink... as all I find on the net is quite dated and couldn't find recent post comparing latest pigments. Of...