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  1. palombian

    123inkt for sale for € 500 million

    with Google translate: > is for sale, sources report to the FD. The webshop in cartridges and other office supplies should fetch at least five hundred million euros. According to newspaper sources, has grown considerably in recent years. Gross operating profit (EBITDA)...
  2. palombian

    123inkt for sale for €500.000.000

    So you can get rich with 3th party ink...
  3. palombian

    Canon PRO-10 intermittent paper jam error (1300)

    I observed it once last year, but it came back. Obviously there is no paper - or piece of - left in the printer. The Canon suggestions (open the rear paper feed) didn't solve anything. Actually it goes away after shutting down the printer one or two times. I already aspired the innards, and...
  4. palombian

    Old SIHL photo paper

    Last month I found 5 packs of 50 sheets of this old 200g paper in good condition in the neighborhood (€5 for all). Since I knew this paper had no gloss differences with the PRO-9500 - it is mentioned on the back it is exceptionally good for pigment inks, the only other one I've found was...
  5. palombian

    Interesting testimony from Mark McCormick

    in this thread: > No disagreement about the value of comparative testing. However, it should be understood that in a window fade test cycle, the temperatures at the print surface can soar above 60C at the print surface and severe desiccation occurs...
  6. palombian

    PRO-10S used price indication

    No panic, PRO-10(S)'s are still available. Historically, 9500 MkII's went for €150-160, in line with this ask price. About what I paid for a (low page) PRO-10 1,5 year ago too. PRO-10 (not S) should be less now. For most people this is an obsolete printer...
  7. palombian

    Free 3880 in Belgium
  8. palombian

    Epson P600 refillable carts and ink for sale

  9. palombian

    ALDI Belgium Photo paper from 02/12

    Non-essential items are allowed to be sold again ...
  10. palombian

    PRO-10 waste ink counter reset

    As already reported on this forum by @Manu for the PRO10-S, I was able to reset the counter of a PRO-10. 1. Connect the printer via USB (it must be the only printer on the PC). 2. Start the printer in the service mode. i. With the printer power turned off, while pressing the Resume/Cancel...
  11. palombian

    Canon PRO-200

    seen on dpreview (in the PRO-300 manual): series/EN/MOV/l_paper_inst1.html PS: it is in all videos
  12. palombian

    MAXIFY Ink Absorber Counter reset

    I was able to reset my Maxify 5350 with service tool 5204. Disregard virus warnings, it is a false positive caused by the hack code (most virus scanners have solutions for this). First install the printer on the USB port (disconnect the LAN cable and desactivate the LAN on the printer screen)...
  13. palombian

    ACTION Photo paper and canvas and other low cost papers

    Out of curiosity I tried the Glossy 210g photo paper (€ 1.45 for 20 sheets) and the A4 canvas (€ 0.99 for 7). The photo paper has a paper back and a very flat and glossy surface. Although the (pigment) ink adheres well, it is not absorbed fast enough and creates sagged borders and uneven...
  14. palombian

    My Canon PRO-10 on refill ink - and what happened to my PRO-9500II

    As feared a report about my experiences. My goal is not perfection, but fun with printing without worrying about the cost (the main reason why most people abandon and sell these nice printers to us refillers ;)) As advised by Jose Rodriguez I started printing the Printer Evaluation Image (the...
  15. palombian

    HP laying off 9000 workers

    >Cutting its expenses by $1 billion will prove easy compared with the other task HP Inc. has set for itself—getting people to pay more for printers. The PC and printer maker laid out an ambitious restructuring plan in a meeting with analysts on Thursday. The plan involves laying off as many as...
  16. palombian


    This saturday in Belgium. A new supplier maybe ? I still have plenty stock but will buy one or two boxes to test.
  17. palombian

    Canon Pro9500 and Pro10 ink alternatives (for continental Europe)

    As we can't order from Precision Colors anymore from overseas, I am checking alternatives: 1. (a forum member): I started with their inks, at that moment the same as PC. Best inks IMO, good service and price. Since I am low on Y and MBK I will order some here (before the Brexit...
  18. palombian

    Colormunki Photo hardware fault, quid Datacolor Spyder 3 ?

    Since my Colormunki Photo is dying, I need a replacement. I can buy a Datacolor Spyder 3 Print SR for € 50, with Windows 10 software. Is this still a useable solution ? I suppose it cannot profile my screen.
  19. palombian

    Canon 525/526 printers repeating clogs

    Dear fellow refillers, I am really stuck with a problem I will try to describe. I tried to clear the printhead of a Canon MX885 where the cyan and magenta were severily clogged. Everytime when after bathing the nozzle check was OK, after a few pages the clog was there again. I suspected the...
  20. palombian

    Aldi paper in Belgium

    This saturday 27/07/2018. Usual price € 5.99 for 50 A4 or 100 10x15.