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    Picture Of The Week (POW) Information and Submissions

    lovely picture --- and a fine play on words!
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    Hi everyone-- I am new here

    Welcome aboard, Elizabeth. Hope our forum meets your expectations!
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    Riddle me this??

    Ahhh - the good old days when cars had long extermal arials! These days we rely on pressing the unlock button on a remote and looking for the flashing lights, horn honking, or whatever your car does when it responds to the remote.
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    Calendar for the Year 2016

    Answering the call for pictures but not what I'd submit if I had more free time right now. First is a flatbed scan of a b/w plus x neg of my daughter at age 6 (now age 49) ready for her little dance class. A quick grab shot in our hallway. Next is her daughter, my granddaughter, at age 9 in...
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    Printing on Watercolour Paper

    Pardon my ignorance, but what is the purpose of using watercolor paper for inkjet printing? I would guess that it would be for two reasons. One would be the texture and fine-art appearance of the paper itself, and the other would be the nature of the paper in absorbing the ink and creating a...
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    Calendar for the Year 2016

    That red moon picture is out of this world! (pun intended)
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    Half Full

    people used to complain bitterly about Epson printers "wasting" ink by registering empty when ink still remained in the cart. Although there are different issues with Canon and Epson that are triggered when the cart really runs dry, the manufacturers wisely retain some ink in the cart for the...
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    Half Full

    Sorry to say that Canon carts do not have the equivalent of the fuel gauge in your car that measures the remaining fuel with a float in the gas tank. Prior to having the chips, Canon's pop-up screen indicator was an estimate. The prism at the bottom of the cart was a good indicator that the ink...
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    hope we can help with disciplining those naughty children!
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    Picture Of The Week (POW) Information and Submissions

    Try food! Like Kermit the frog says,"times fun when your having flies".
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    Picture Of The Week (POW) Information and Submissions

    I do agree about the creeping censorship that Google lays on something as benign as our forum. And I'm all in favor of offending the OEM's with regard to ink prices.
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    banding in graphics

    just happened to me as well today. My trusty ip5000. I did a fast plain paper print and was appalled to see banding on the entire page. Printed then on gloss photo paper and on matte photo paper (with corect paper settings, of course) and the prints were excellent with no banding. Try it to...
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    British Wildlife Photography Awards 2015

    Case in point: When Polaroid pictures were in vogue for instant snapshots there were a few professionals who did some very artistic work with these films. Also, I've seen some very interesting, artistic photos made with "smart" phones. Your are right, Roy. It is the creative operator of the...
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    Picture Of The Week (POW) Information and Submissions

    Take him to your local orthodontist ASAP!
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    You know you're a printer addict when...

    only worth the risk if you live in OZ - where the gun laws are much more restrictive (and sane) than the US.
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    British Wildlife Photography Awards 2015

    @3dogs - Thanks for asking. The current fires are a fair distance from San Francisco. As the news has reported, they are most difficult to control and have destroyed or are about to destroy many homes and other buildings. All the trees and foliage are bone dry, and the winds we've had in the...
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    British Wildlife Photography Awards 2015

    fabulous images and I also like the rules. I sense that what we are getting at is two expected end results: one is minimal processing to show the scene as the photographer meant to capture it. The other is for use as eye-catching artistic processing - more in tune with advertising or a slick...
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    Fungus in Magenta ink??

    @pearlhouse - best to check with Precision Colors directly regarding issues with their ink (which I also use). Mike is very helpful. You will undoubtedly get posts as well with advice from our forum participants on printhead cleaning and cart flushing, as well as any experience they may have had...