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    Extended vacation and Pro-10

    In a few days, I will be leaving town for two months. Does it make sense to pull the head on my Pro-10 and flush it with Pharmacist's preservation fluid. Then return it to service when I get back? TIA, Barry Newberger
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    Canon Pro-100 Nozzle Test Issue

    After not using my Pro-100 for a couple of months because of travel, I printed a nozzle test before gearing up to do some printing. The photo magenta pattern had a gap through the center. After printing the nozzle test, one cartridge (grey) reported low, so I changed them all. Both sets are...
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    Reusing Pro-100 Print Head

    I inadvertently inserted a sheet of paper with a crease or bend in one edge into the manual feed tray of into my Canon Pro-100. Although it fed and printed onto the paper, it seems to have damaged the printer somehow. Because there was ink smeared at the location of the crease, I ran a tray...