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  1. ludens

    Error B200, then dead logic board. Attention electronicians!

    My iX6510 commited suicide. After a few years of very light use, flavored by very frequent self-cleaning and copious ink-wasting, the printer suddenly declared Canon's favorite error: The famed B200. This happened when I tried to print the usual nozzle test sheet, which I do whenever I want to...
  2. ludens

    Is there any shimmer of hope about the excessive cleaning problem?

    Hi all, has anybody found any way to stop this irritating and stupid endlessly repeated cleaning done by Canon printers? My iX6510 is now four years old. In this time I have printed barely 1142 sheets with it. 29 were photos, most of them in postcard size. The rest was text, almost all of it...
  3. ludens

    Inks for Canon Pixma PGI-x25, CGI-x26 cartridges

    Hi all! I'm Manfred, living in Chile, new to this forum, and OF COURSE I'm joining just to ask questions... Like almost everyone! But I will try to also give back what little experience I have with inks. About two years ago I got a Canon iX6510 printer. It's the same as the 6520, 6550, etc -...