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  1. slackercruster

    What caused this with a tipped in photo in a book

    Does the photo contain acid? It is from 1940.
  2. slackercruster

    Inkjet prints water resistance tests

    Results for inkjet prints water resistance tests nsfw
  3. slackercruster

    A silver gelatin print versus an inkjet print
  4. slackercruster

    R2000 front feed problem

    My R2000 has problems feeding watercolor paper in the top feed. I tried the front feed but all I get is an error message. Is there a trick to getting the front feed to work? I selected front feed on the driver. I push the paper in the front slot until it stops. The printer grabs the paper and...
  5. slackercruster

    Trouble feeding paper

    My R2000 and now my 3880 have trouble feeding paper. Esp matte paper. The platen is wide on the 3880. The R2000...I don't know how to adjust the platen. But it fed fine when new. I got to hand feed the paper to get it through. Even then it jams up 15% of the time if I am not very careful with...
  6. slackercruster

    Options with 3880 ink tampon?

    The 3880 has a box that catches the ink sprayed out during ink changes. Is there a low cost option to avoid having to buy this expensive ink tampon?
  7. slackercruster

    Ink droplets messing up prints

    My 3880 and R2000 sometimes make a few ink droplets on a print. Could be on wide borders or in image. What causes this? Any fixes for it? Thanks
  8. slackercruster

    Surprsised inkjet uses colors for BW

    Was doing lots of black and white printing and my Epson printer (R2000) still ran down the color cartridges. Does the printer really need color for BW? Or is it a scam to still deplete the ink by the printer companies?
  9. slackercruster

    Shootout $1.50 ink jet print vs $250 Eastman Kodak dye transfer print

    Here is a piece I wrote awhile back. Sold me on ink jet printing as I was an old wet darkroom devotee. url:removed Am doing a dye stability test to be finished at the end of the month. Covers about 20 items. Will post it at my Tumblr. SC Sorry, forum wont let me post the link. Google ...
  10. slackercruster

    How long can an R2000 sit between uses?

    I have a R2000. Can it sit 4 or 5 weeks bewteen uses or will the heads clog up? If so, what is a safe amount of non use?