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    Pixma pro 1 rollback the firmware

    I recently replaced the printhead on my pro 1 and getting good results again. Many thanks to this group. I am now aware that the next possible problem could be a full waste ink tank. I'm quite prepared to try to fit an ink potty when that fateful day arrives but I understand the eprom needs to...
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    Pixma Pro 1 pink banding

    I recently printed some photographs after a two month absence and experienced pink/pale red banding at 3 places across each print. It bands at 3/4", 2" and about 11" across an a4 print. It is on all a4 prints. Also some faint lines across the entire print. I have performed several cleans and one...
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    Hi everyone

    I am a elderly male from south Wales. I have been interested in photography for many years since the days of film and darkroom processing. I went digital 8 years ago and i am enjoying the freedom it brings. I have owned several printers, dot matrix, HP inkjet, Epson inkjet, etc but most gave up...