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    Canon G2100 doesn’t print in color – ERROR 5200

    My Canon G2100 doesn’t print in color. The “Cleaning” and “Deep Cleaning” didn’t solve the problem. And I was not able to do the “System Cleaning” because Error 5200 showed up. This error has been showing up lately. I don’t know if it is related to the lack of color printing, probably it is. I...
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    Canon ink expiration date

    Hi. I bought a Canon GI-190 BK bottle of ink for a Canon G2100 printer. This would be my first refilling. 1) EXPIRATION DATE The sticker on the box says the expiration date is April 2020. So, according to this, it has already expired. The seller told me that it was still working fine, but...
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    Epson L220 - Stains at the bottom edge

    I have an Epson L220 which sometimes leaves some black stains at the bottom edge of the pages. Sometimes, more rarely, at the bottom but on one side of the page. I show you photos: Do you know what could be the cause of this issue? The technicians at Epson, in my country, don’t know the...