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  1. mikling

    Canon Pro-10 ink refill options

    Thanks Stratman, However, has anyone ever thought that it isn't always about the "money". On a monetary basis, it would still make sense. However, I am the first to admit, I have a perfectionist streak on the cheap. Domestic shipping is tolerable but sometimes trying when there is so little that...
  2. mikling

    Canon Pro-10 ink refill options

    The real user needs something that prints like OEM and nothing more and they want to do it over and over again without the use of ICCs and mucking around. All the SE inksets achieve this and is the culmination of a lot of personal work and effort. To get that it means that certain tasks must be...
  3. mikling

    My Canon PRO-10 on refill ink - and what happened to my PRO-9500II

    I am going to disclose that there are some labs that load the inks to the point that serious issues occur long term. Again, if you go back in history there is one color that is mentioned during 2017 where nearly for a year, I was performing some severe testing. The loading is that they start...
  4. mikling

    Introduction and color mixing question

    Fact is there it a gap begins due to differential contraction due to materials. This is so common starting on the DX5 heads. Why? there is a correlation between the breakthrough piezo material that allowed Epson to put more nozzles in a head for increased nozzle density and the ability to create...
  5. mikling

    Introduction and color mixing question

    Internet junkies strikes again. Same reason for a world of people who lack the facility to think for themselves but follow a regime of internet herding mentality.
  6. mikling

    Introduction and color mixing question

    This phenomena is indicative of leakage between two channels. This is one of the "normal failure modes" in an Epson printer. The piezo crystalline material has developed a physical crack from fatigue due to expansion and contraction and is slowly seeping into the other. As you can see the...
  7. mikling

    Ocbestjet Epson K3 compatible refill ink (

    Your flushing fluid accelerates the diffusion. When you put in a similar ink diffusion is not as fast. The effects of Matte verus Photo is masked a lot by the dominant ink and Epson uses this aspect in a changeout. With Black the masking is quite effective. On other colors, depending on which...
  8. mikling

    Ocbestjet Epson K3 compatible refill ink (

    The key thing to remember about flushing out inks in tube printers. First sentence in the EXAMPLES. A common application of laminar flow is in the smooth flow of a viscous liquid through a tube or pipe. In that case, the velocity of flow varies from...
  9. mikling

    New Epson large format printers P7570/9570

    When it comes to engineering, it is not as simple as how many cylinders or how many inks your printer uses. That is completely wrong. You need to understand the details of the engineering involved and understand how it all comes together and for what purpose. Then there is also the Intellectual...
  10. mikling

    New Epson large format printers P7570/9570

    Canon has had these 8 channel printers available to select customers for a while actually. Initially they were sold to corporate accounts or where a rep was involved.They are specifically targeted to print and sign shops like Staples, etc. whose printing needs do not require the gamut their 12...
  11. mikling

    You Wants Videos, We Gots Videos

    The reason you are getting leaks is that it is likely that the drill bit is either oversized it should be exactly 5/32" or you damage the seat at the bottom of the hole when removing the ball. If the bottom of the hole is distorted or nicked deeper than a few thou, the plug will be unable to...
  12. mikling

    Pro 10 cyan issue

    Well the first thing is to check the physical ink level not chip on the screen in the cartridge/s. Refill fill to full if necessary. Then perform a head clean. BTW, the ink you have inside the PC channel is Cyan and not PhotoCyan. You refilled the incorrect ink into the PC cartridge.
  13. mikling

    Epson XP 15000: A3+ printer with user replaceable waste ink tank

    Color theory assumes or ignores the reality of the number of physical droplets and the real number of patterns that the printer can put down. This aspect has been completely ignored by reviewers. Given that the printer can only lay down so many different patterns per color and only so many...
  14. mikling

    Epson MainBoard Problems

    First check with another USB cable. Yes, this is a typical motherboard failure. I experienced this on my R2880. It is likely a communication chip somewhere on the board. Initially when the printer was not responding, I used to disconnect the USB, power off and then on etc. and for a period I...
  15. mikling

    ET-7750 on Baryta Photographique 310gr

    Getting shadows and the areas you point are require a precise balance of ink. Are you using a profile made for this paper? As you have discovered by trial the Baryta has a different response from the other normal photo papers you have tried because they are indeed a totally different type of...
  16. mikling

    In praise of the Canon Pixma Pro 10

    Murphy's camera currently has the Pro-10 for 199 USD after one rebate from Canon. You will need to phone in and have someone take the order to get the price to $199 as a "walk in" purchase because the real price cannot be published by them. IMO for the person who needs long lasting prints, this...
  17. mikling

    HP laying off 9000 workers

    This issue happens all the time in other products as well. The real story is that there is a lack of capable people floating around and access to them is difficult. So the organization has to come down to the lowest common denominator. I ran into this in the 1970s. When I would want to pay to...
  18. mikling

    Pro-1 vs. Pro-1000 ink / pigment

    I told my wife this morning at breakfast, I need a holiday or something. As you age, you or your partner needs attention to health issues if it is not one thing it is another. Time is short, really short. A day passes quickly, I don't need to travel to the shop, I am in it within 5 minutes from...
  19. mikling

    HP laying off 9000 workers

    It's not a joke. I had a fellow forum member purchase a used R2880 and ship it to my city to get another R2880. I needed it for product development and it HAD to conform to factory specs. There are times when an Epson is called for principally for the piezo head but I have the whole gamut of...
  20. mikling

    HP laying off 9000 workers

    I took the printer in, and then questioned about whether they would perform the second step and then there was a quizzed look on their face. They had never done it and did not understand why it was necessary. Then I had to explain. Then we checked what they were issued by Epson to maintain. The...