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  1. Ray Westfield


    Is is possible to refill these cartridges and do they need a resetting tool?
  2. Ray Westfield

    CLI-42 cleaning fluid

    Have been using WINDEX but its not cheap. Think I read on here somewhere that LIDL W5 glass and window cleaner is the same? Can anyone verify? This stuff is only 75p as against 7.99 on Amazon.
  3. Ray Westfield

    cli-42 cart weight?

    Hi just got into refilling. Been watching as many of Jose Rodriguez videos as possible. Very informative and easy to watch and follow. I have a question though about cli-42 carts. Have flushed my old carts with windex followed by deionised water then followed your suggestion on drying...
  4. Ray Westfield

    Pixma MG 3650

    I have a cheap all in one for printing letters,copying etc. As canon ink replacement carts are the same as buying a new printer was wondering if these can be refilled? Carts in question are PG540 & CL541 or just get 3rd party refilled carts? Is there any problems that anyone knows of?
  5. Ray Westfield


    Hello to all. Hoping to get a lot of help and info from here. New to printing so will be doing a lot of stalking and reading. I am sure I will not be disappointed