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  1. pearlhouse

    error b200

    Its been a long time since I have had any problems, but this looks serious... MX922 printer giving me a B200 error. Took carts out and cleaned all contacts but still error. So what is this thing telling me.
  2. pearlhouse

    Which black cart. is my problem???

    Im having trouble determining whats wrong with my black carts. These are the refillables (250 &251) purchased from milking. The printer is an MX922. Ive uploaded 3 different pics. The first is the resulting printout after I finished cleaning the print head. As you can see the black band...
  3. pearlhouse

    refillable 250xl & 251xl carts with auto reset chips

    Need an update… Been away from this refilling for a while. Are there any refillable carts out their 251xl and 250xl that have chip that will auto reset when the cart is removed or refilled. The ones I have now the carts have to be completely empty so the prism on the bottom sees no ink in the...
  4. pearlhouse

    Which silicone plugs to use

    Has there ever been a list made up of which printers require the zero clearance silicone plugs after refilling and the other clearance plugs?? Lately Ive been refilling carts for other people but dont want to get them into trouble because of using the wrong plug. I realize zero clearance would...
  5. pearlhouse

    Need to flush Precison refillable compatible 250 pgbk cart.

    Bought a set of 250 compatibles from precision colors. Ive only refilled each of them about 3 times. All of the sudden the pgbk started streaking and missing on a text doc I was printing. The cart was half full when I pulled it to take a look at it. Put it back in and printed a nozzle chk it...
  6. pearlhouse

    Want a great printer deal??

    If you need a good deal on a printer here in the USA check this out.. It even includes free shipping. The downside is the cartridges that it uses are not refill friendly but there are aftermarket carts available with auto reset chips. In the future the printhead for this printer will probably...
  7. pearlhouse

    Is this the dreaded Mag. fungus???

    Not sure if these pictures make sense. I had a printhead that had gone bad and there was no bringing it back. Pretty sure the electronics were gone. So I decided to dis-assemble it to clean it better to see if I could find out where it was plugged. I laid it on an led flashlight and with the...
  8. pearlhouse

    Where to buy a printhead

    Im looking to buy a QY6 0080 Canon printhead. On Ebay I see some come from Japan and others from Hong Kong. Is there a difference in these. Right now I have a very good price on one from Japan which I am considering. Thanx
  9. pearlhouse

    Fungus in Magenta ink??

    I have not followed this subject since it came up so I guess I need a little updating. I use Precision Colors inks and the last batch I bought was 12/8/2014 These were labeled as C221(c-m-y)D inks. The blacks were C1128P & C1109D. Ive recently had problems with my Magenta ink plugging up the...
  10. pearlhouse

    Really in need of suggestions I have run out of ideas.

    Just came back from a 3 week extended vacation and found my mx892's printhead was all plugged up. I guess from just sitting in the parked position. The power to the printer was left on. Now the printhead is beyond cleaning so I need a new one. A newer model similar printer mx922 appears to be...
  11. pearlhouse

    Sponge problems & flushing cartridges

    Seeing as how I didn’t get any comments on my last post in “My way for flushing cartridges #15”. I decided to post this as a new thread to see what you guys think? After looking at a older post from ThrillaMozilla, where he posted some radiographs of carts showing the sponges separated from...
  12. pearlhouse

    My way for flushing cartridges Top fill or German Fill.

    Ive been refilling for several years now but had no experience flushing carts. I believe flushing can be best done thru the ball hole. Here is what Ive been doing lately. 1. Remove tape that covers ball just enough to expose ball. Use a razor knife to cut out a circle. The remaining tape is...
  13. pearlhouse

    Can somebody look at my nozzle check printout ??

    I dough know but lately I seem to be having all kinds of problems. The latest is when I print out a nozzle check Im getting a bad looking PK check. I had this a couple of weeks ago and then it disappeared. It came back yesterday morning and then disappeared again. Everything looked good last...
  14. pearlhouse

    Replacing ball for seal after top filling 225 &226 carts

    I just purchased over 40 Canon carts off of Ebay. I’m getting ready to flush out these carts 225s & 226s OEM virgin never refilled carts. I’ve looked at the various ways you guys and gals have been flushing them, and I believe pushing water in the ink exit port is the way to go as long as you...
  15. pearlhouse

    Pgi 225 & Cli 226 Chips Are Blowing Using Usb Resetter.

    I’m having trouble resetting the chips on my pgi 225 and cli 226 carts for my MX 892 printer. I’m using a USB resetter purchased from I also purchased their resettable chips so I might change over all the carts I have left from my old printer (MX860) pgi 220 & cli 221. The USB...
  16. pearlhouse

    Edible Inks

    Anyone here know to print with edible inks. Does this take a special type of printer. Interested in printing on icing for cakes. Is there a special paper to print on and then do a transfer to the icing. Ive seena lot of nice work lately in the stores and was wondering if it was possible...
  17. pearlhouse

    Printer acts like it is running out of ink

    mx 860 Printer was printing spread sheets which were in black and white quite good. Then I noticed I was low on both black inks. So I replaced the whole set of carts with refilled ones. Now I have replaced carts several times and I keep getting the same streaky printing. I ve cleaned the...
  18. pearlhouse

    HP psc 1600 Horizontal spread sheet lines and printing is wavy

    My HP psc 1600 is printing all horizontal lines and data on a spread sheet in a wavy pattern. What can I do???:(
  19. pearlhouse

    T125 cart w/wet sensor under chip

    Just going to start refilling these carts for a friend. He has given me about 20 empties he has been saving. Now I find out if the cart is completely empty this "wet sensor that can detect when all the ink is used up, supposedly makes the cart useless??? Is this true? If so does anyone have a...
  20. pearlhouse

    How does one become an inkjet master???

    :)Does it take a certain number of posts over a length of time or ??????:)