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  1. Nifty

    Great Youtube Channel For 3D Print Designs - Tube Underdeveloped

    As I've mentioned, I love practical prints... and I enjoy watching people design prints. I stumbled on this youtube channel and am VERY impressed with this guy's skills at design... and he makes all his design files available on Thingiverse:
  2. Nifty

    Practical Print - Fridge Fix

    I love practical prints and this video shows a great one! I especially appreciate his process of showing what did and didn't work for designing the part. The way he took a pic and outlined it in photoshop / illustrator is exactly what I did for this project...
  3. Nifty

    3D Laser Engraver - Subscribe to this kid's Youtube channel!!!

    I stumbled on this channel while doing some digging for a problem I was having: This kid's videos are INCREDIBLE by any metric, even compared to many adult's videos. The amount of time she (and her brother... and maybe a parent or two?)...
  4. Nifty

    Any Experience Slicing 3D Prints on a Google Chromebook?

    I've been staying at my GF's house more and thought I might take the opportunity to open up the Ender 3 I have sitting here and playing with it. ... but my Windows computer (where I slice with CURA) is at my house. I've researched a few different options with running slicing programs on a...
  5. Nifty

    Neil Patrick Harris Is 3D Printing?

    Pretty fun to see a pretty big-name celeb getting into 3D printing!
  6. Nifty

    Creality CR-10 Heater Cartridge Flaking Out

    Probably related to when I hit the hot-end with my hand: ... but I noticed my printer hot-end wasn't heating up. I wiggled the heater cartridge a bit and it started heating up. Ugh... another problem...
  7. Nifty

    Crisis Averted - THANK YOU 3D Pen - To The Rescue!

    I was changing filament colors when I rammed my hand into my hot-end. I heard a SNAP! ... and the fan shroud I printed on my Monoprice Mini for, and in anticipation of getting my CR-10, was dangling :( I sat there: "Um... my printer is broken. I can fix it with a 3D printed replacement...
  8. Nifty

    CR-10 Prints are turning out TERRIBLE! Help troubleshooting

    After years of printing tons of stuff without much issue, I tried to print Benchy (.2mm height, 60mm/s) and got this monstrosity: Um... ok. Must be bad filament. Lemme try another filament I know works: WHAT IS GOING ON!?!? Seriously?!?! No idea what's happening, so I'm doing some...
  9. Nifty

    3D printed rubber molds

    This is pretty cool-fun stuff! Designing these complex molds seems way WAY over my skillset, but I'm tempted to try this with some less complicated parts. ... of course, I guess I could just try to do that with flex filaments.
  10. Nifty

    Calibrate Your 3D Printer

    I LOVE this guy's videos! ... and he's created an amazing resource:
  11. Nifty

    Laser Cutting For Organizing

    Y'all know I love this guy's videos. As always, I went in thinking "I'm sure this will be an ok video"... only to enjoy it way more! The box at the end was SO well organized / designed! I've never been interested in a CNC / laser cutter, but this makes me a little curious.
  12. Nifty

    $100 Resin Printer?

    I've never been interested in a resin printer. Seems like the process is too messy and problematic. ... but seeing this video has me wondering if I should give it a try!
  13. Nifty

    Speed Benchy - Fast 3D Printing

    WOW! This is one CRAZY dialed-in machine! Not only is the speed incredible, but the quality is surprisingly good. No idea how he pulls that off with the layer lines still probably being molten plastic by the time the next 5 layers are added.
  14. Nifty

    3D Printed Cat Toy

    While doing / waiting for a server backup, I found, downloaded, and printed this ball cat toy. It printed with a break-away ball inside, so it makes noise while she plays with it :D There are a million versions, but this is the one I printed:
  15. Nifty

    Creality CR10 Mirror Busted - New Magnetic Flex Sheet Print Bed

    First there was my post here where I converted from blue tape to glass bed / glue stick: Then in this old thread, I mentioned a purchase I made...
  16. Nifty

    Thingiverse - Solution to broken customizer / OpenScad

    @The Hat will probably appreciate this since he's an expert at openScad ;) The "customizer" feature on a lot of models on thingiverse has been really cool, fun, and helpful to use... but unfortunately is, and has often been broken. I had NO idea that I could download the scad files, and then...
  17. Nifty

    3D Print Christmas lamps

    @The Hat , I saw this video and thought of you! Isn't he using the same modeling software you use?
  18. Nifty

    Autodesk and Kickstarter 3D Printer Torture Test - Calibration

    This is very interesting! Autodesk and Kickstarter teamed up to create this torture test for 3D printers: Info: Github info & files...
  19. Nifty

    Time to GROW-UP - 3D Modeling Software

    I watched this video and I'm now tempted to learn "onshape". Thoughts? I think it's time to grow-up from tinkercad... but to what? OnShape, fusion 360, Solid Works, or something else?
  20. Nifty

    Are 3D Printers Useful?

    I thought this was packed with lots of good info for those that are new to 3D printing and also wondering if anything useful can be done with them: