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    is this fixable or should I sell it for parts

    If I understood correctly you have two Pro-9000mkii. One of them your daily working machine and the other sitting unused for a year. Just a couple of questions : 1-Your backup printer works OK with the printhead that gives error 9100 when installed in your workhorse Pro-9000 ? 2-If you...
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    Weird nozzle check on Canon Pro-100, clog or ?

    Qimage owners and Jose Rodriguez claim that the unclog pattern exercises all the nozzles, I have no clue if you're right or not. Have you positive proof about this?. Anyway, even if it's like Qimage people claim, after you get a clog on some nozzles, printing that pattern is no solution. In my...
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    filling the ink in a cartridge ?

    So it seems.. :he We need a ruthless moderator ( on duty 24/7 ) to clean this crap as soon as it appears. Any volunteers ? :(
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    Canon MX472 Code 6000 on startup

    I suspected that @The Hat is no longer himself since he started to use OEM ink.. :p
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    Canon pixma pro 9000 error code B200: locked up, access printhead?

    Extracted from Canon Pro-9000 service manual : 11 times blink green/orange means error 5110 (carriage lift mechanism error) Possible faulty parts which need to be replaced : - PR lift shaft assemb. - Part QL2-1224 - Sheet feed unit - Part QM3-1672 - Logic board assemb. -Part QM2-3180 - CR lift...
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    The fastet fading ink

    Actually it wasn't Chinese ink but from a German manufacturer in Köngen that, If I remember correctly, you dont appreciate much. Instead, their black pigment for Canon Pixmas wasn't bad at all. I used it for a good number of years and I never saw the dreaded warped lattice on the nozzle tests of...
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    The fastet fading ink

    I have to admit that this stuff fades faster that some third party dye ink I've used in the past.. ( but not by much..:rolleyes: )
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    Should I start saving ?

    Well, if you buy a Prusa MK3s in kit instead of a 'ready to go' machine, you'll end up knowing everything about parts, maintenance and so forth. That said, it's probable that the upfront saving in money will be counter balanced by initial frustration, shattered nerves and slepless nights ( or a...
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    3D Laser Engraver - Subscribe to this kid's Youtube channel!!!

    I've seen during the last months some videos of Aurora about 3D printing. I totally agree, she's absolutely incredible. Her videos are really informative, direct to the point and no nonsense or poor jokes, as is sadly the case in other channels of 'grown ups'.
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    Canon MX472 Code 6000 on startup

    Error 6000: the timing slit disk located at the extreme left of the carriage needs cleaning. It's pointed with a red arrow in the picture below. Surely this photo is not of a MX472, but the location is always the same. Error 5100 concerns the timing slit strip film (blue arrow) that you tried to...
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    Printing on CDs

    No, I prefer to clean a few pigeon droppings now and then. Used Cds are cheaper than owning a cat and I'm not fan of keeping animals (none of them) in a flat. Sorry @JohnBB, I plead guilty of hijacking your thread with 'slightly' off-topic matters. :D Let's go back to the original question.
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    Printing on CDs

    I use CDs on the terrace, hanging freely from a thread. Sun reflections on them keep away the pigeons ( up to a point). For that job, the shinier the better. :rolleyes: Before that I tried bird repellent and a dummy falcon, without success. The dummy scared the pigeons just a few days, but...
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    Should I start saving ?

    And what to say about Jose 'Jtoolman' Rodriguez.. he has 17 of them, I believe.
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    Do you like music during Printing?

    I never thought that the supreme God of the Olympus would indulge in spam. "Whom God wishes to destroy he first makes mad... by massive spamming." :rolleyes:
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    Should I start saving ?

    Not monogamous here, I live together with two Maxies (but I only use one of them, no trios allowed :p )
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    Should I start saving ?

    I trust your experience and skills much more than Creality's reliability ( sorry.. :D) When I get myself a garden, I'll ask your advice for the lamp design. (don't hold your breath in the meantime ).
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    Should I start saving ?

    That printer would be handy if , one very distant day, I decide to print my own 3D lampost garden. @stratman, the new Prusa XL seems to be the perfect machine for anybody willing to take the plunge into the 3D seas. What are you waiting for ? :hide
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    Paper / Printer profiling with ArgyllCms and EFI ES 1000 for a newbie

    This wasn’t exactly my experience using a Color Munki to make custom profiles for a couple of Canon papers and OEM inks on a Pro10s. I’m sure that Canon uses a higher end device in their labs. but, comparing with PerfX gamutviewer, my Platinum Pro custom profile with Canon’s original the...
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    ink absorber pads

    I confirm by experience, @stratman's assertion that usually those inkpads are capable of absorbing considerably more ink after the counter has reached full. A number of factors will change in more or less the ink capacity of the pads. 1-specific model of printer. Some of them may have been more...
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    Any Experience Slicing 3D Prints on a Google Chromebook?

    If your patience isn't made of hardened steel, another option is to purchase a Windows laptop.... :hide