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  1. juntjoo

    Initially ink comes out but then fades even though cartridge is full

    This is a HP 65 cartridge. Only the blue fades. I've soaked the bottom of the cartridge in alcohol and hit water. Is this a physical or electrical issue?
  2. juntjoo

    HP Deskjet 2652 isn't dropping paper fully onto rollers

    I've ruled out the rubber rollers so it's gotta be some wear or defect with one of the parts in there. Just seeing if anyone might have a suggestion
  3. juntjoo

    2 X Officejet 4500 reads "Print cartridge(s) missing or not detected : (tri-color, black)."

    These cartridges worked some months ago. Since then I've just kept them taped at the bottom with scotch tape. Both printers tested fine with these back then. What happened after all this time? Do they just die like that or could there be an issue with my printers? Is there any way to revive...
  4. juntjoo

    How do you preserve your ink cartridges?

    I'm about to open a couple new ones but only to use for testing so I don't want them to dry up and die prematurely. Normally I just put scotch tape on the underside on I guess the "printhead" part. Should this method suffice or do you have a better suggestion?
  5. juntjoo

    Refilled and cleaned and leak ink but don't discharge properly

    I can fill them to the top and soak the bottoms in hot water and alcohol til the cows come home but they'll still struggle to put out ink properly. Sometimes they'll start to properly then quickly fade and sometimes leave little puddles sporadically. Mind you I DO cover the holes I punctured...
  6. juntjoo

    Refilled this cartridge and can't get ink to come out

    It's one of these guys. For an HP. Different than the more cube shaped ones. The bottom is an open circular opening with a sponge. I don't have an adapter to put a syringe on it to suck the ink through as you can do with the other cartridges but while refilling it the ink went through so it's...
  7. juntjoo

    HP Deskjet 2600 rollers pulling paper to the right even after running roller maintenance a million times

    Anyone know how to fix this common issue? I also tried wetting some paper with some cleaner and holding it in the rollers while I ran the roller cleaning several times in the hope they needed to be cleaned but I'm wondering now if it it's something mechanical that affects the pressure of the...
  8. juntjoo

    HP Laserjet CP1215 black cartridge fading on one side

    I recently refilled this cartridge so I know how to get in there but I don't know how it works and what I might need to clean or do whatever to get it working right again if it's possible. Any ideas? Thanks
  9. juntjoo

    Just refilled the magenta in a 901 hp cartridge and suddenly lost the cyan and yellow!

    I just had yellow and cyan printing fine so then I refilled the magenta, ran a nozzle cleaning, and now cyan and yellow don't print and magenta is getting everywhere. Obviously I put too much magenta in there but how did it cause the cyan and yellow to stop printing?
  10. juntjoo

    Canon mg5720 pgbk printing crooked pattern. Is it a printhead problem?

    I went through all the maintenance steps and refilled all cartridges and this pgbk isn't getting this pattern right. What's the usual culprit here?
  11. juntjoo

    Epson nx430 won't accept refilled black ink cartridge

    So I've got this new (used) printer that's got me stuck here. It didn't like the black cartridge so I refilled it with ink then it took it then rejected yellow, so I refilled it and it took it but then rejected the black and I filled it some more but hasn't taken it after several tries. Can I...
  12. juntjoo

    New HP M452nw making spots when it gets hot

    And it gets hot pretty easy. I'm printing artwork/graphics to postcards and it seems black or darker shades trigger this more than anything else but not all the time. Sometimes the spots are concentrated around horizontal lines. But the consistent thing is the heat. Isn't this normal and...
  13. juntjoo

    Is laser toner really cheaper than ink?

    In the last 10 days I've printed maybe 200 postcards of opaque artwork on one side and am down to 2 x 70% and 2 x 80% for the four toner levels. At this rate with the price of toner, it's going to get expensive. So I'm wondering if either there is a refilling method or comparable cheaper...
  14. juntjoo

    Refill kits vs CISS

    I'm pretty new to all this. I've used a refill kit with my old cheap HP 3632 which uses the two 63 cartridges and it was a waste. I'm sure I did something wrong but somehow it ended up regardless of the level of ink the print heads would just dry up. Maybe it my use of rubbing alcohol to clean...
  15. juntjoo

    Brand new xp-960 ink not absorbing glossy side of thick cardstock The paper is like 12pt really thick and I've tried all paper and ink settings and it just seems like the ink doesn't absorb fast enough or something. I can't imagine the paper isn't made for printing onto. The non - glossy side prints fine. It's actually cut from...