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  1. tecknobandit96

    side panel gear assembly

    Hi. Does anyone know how these gears are layed out on my printer? This is the right side of the printer that controls the printer head.
  2. tecknobandit96

    Canon pixma MG 6220

    Would anyone know where I could find a service manual to a printer like such? Ive took it apart and now I cant put it back together. I need this because I have little pieces that I'm trying to put back into place and i dont know what order there are suppose to go in.
  3. tecknobandit96

    hello printer fans.

    So, I don't know about printers a whole lot because I usually use them and I don't fix them as much. My plan is to use this forum as a source of information on what printer I may have at the time. Right now I have one, and I dont know how many I will have after that. I'm also a long time college...