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  1. edwardharwoodservices@gma

    I want to upgrade my Canon Printer MG5650

    Hello I wish to upgrade my Canon MG5650 Printer (all in one), I wonder what the successor to the Model was, ? I'm really looking for something that it is not too expensive to run , similarly to the Canon MG 5650 , as it is much better to run than some of the newer Printers that I have...
  2. edwardharwoodservices@gma

    Good Evening

    Hi My name is Edward Harwood I own a Canon Printer MG5650 It suits my needs perfectly I've dabbled recently in HP Printers, but the one I bought which was a 2710e was better suited for occasional use, so I have just sold it I would like to use this forum to find out what is the best...