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    Freedom Fill Pump Vs. Syringe Fill

    No, I never refilled with Hobbicolors ink. For many years, I only used InkTec inks and I refilled using a vacuum chamber. I was refilling for many of my friends and I had purchased thousands of "virgin" BCI-6 and BCI-3eBk cartridges. I never had any problems with refilling until I started...
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    ip4200 no color printing

    What exactly did you do to come to this conclusion? If your dye ink colors are not working, then it should be the other pad that is not working. I added a post #9 explaining what those two holes are for in the thread linked to in post #2 of this thread...
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    PGBK doesn't print

    The idea to "close the printer cover and let the printer go through a cleaning cycle" is one that I promoted for years but it is not a correct method. The correct method is to manually command the printer to go through a cleaning cycle. The reason why so many of us thought that merely closing...
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    Canon or Epson? Surprising agreement.

    I used to favor Canon printers, mainly because their line that used the unchipped cartridges were very easy to refill. But now that printers like that are no longer available and all my old printers began burning out print heads, I made a switch to Epson because they offer printers with very...
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    Epson Workforce 4540 Refillable Questions

    Epson doesn't make a standard cartridge for this printer.
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    Epson Workforce 4540 Refillable Questions

    I don't know how to determine the number of images printed or how much ink each cartridge holds but I can run the numbers for the cost of OEM cartridges using Staples rewards and it comes out to be less than one third the retail cost. Here's how I calculated: First, you have to get a few...
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    Epson Workforce 4540 Refillable Questions

    So on average your cartridges are lasting about a year. Same for me. I can't see the benefit in refilling. Why don't you buy some empty cartridges from eBay and recycle them at Staples and get OEM cartridges for very low cost?
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    Epson Workforce 4540 Refillable Questions

    I'm curious: How often do you have to refill your cartridges?
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    Staples Buying Empty Cartridges

    Have you noticed that the rewards are only good for one month after you get them?
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    Staples Buying Empty Cartridges

    My last two rewards were good for only one month after issuing as opposed to two months previously. That means if you are getting $20 per month, the highest priced item you can get for free is $40 instead of $60. Just a reminder, you have to spend at least $30 (real money, not rewards) on ink...
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    WF-3540 Print alignment issue

    Be aware that when a manufacturer says they will send you a replacement, they don't necessarily mean one of the same model and it could be one that uses different cartridges. Also, your problem may be related to the paper or which tray the paper is coming from so try different thicknesses of...
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    Printing nozzle checks

    I use a similar technique except I shine a small flashlight through a section of blue color on a plastic shopping bag which makes the yellow appear more vivid in a dark room.
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    Workforce Pro printers, comments?

    I have been using a WP-4530 for over a year now and I love it. I don't understand your concerns regarding printing photos. 1) What is the issue with forcing the printer to use black ink? 2) The OEM ink works just fine with any photo paper. 3) If you are using dye ink, what is the issue? I...
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    mailing refilled 221 oem cartridges

    I finally got around to doing the test and the result was: The aluminum tape covering the air vent hole did not prevent ink leakage out of the air vent hole as predicted.
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    Time to be done with Epson

    I think what is happening is that there are three sets of nozzles for each color. Each set emits a different size droplet producing a different tone. The Canon print head technology cannot control the size of the droplet so they need multiple sets of nozzles to produce different intensities of...
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    Sealing the refill hole BCI-6 BCI-3

    I think you may be right. Many years ago when I started refilling Canon BCI-3eBk and BCI-6 cartridges for the 5-cartridge printers like the iP4000 and the MP780, I bought hundreds of virgin cartridges on ebay because I was refilling for several of my friends and for a long time, I never refilled...
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    That dreaded Head failure again… WHY !

    I don't know but a head failure on an Epson printer is a printer failure since you can't replace the print head. However, since there's no excessive heat in an Epson print head due to boiling ink like there is in the Canon print head, that failure mechanism is non-existent. I think the major...
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    Sealing the refill hole BCI-6 BCI-3

    You don't have any Canon printers that use pigment ink, correct? I think it is more of a problem with pigment ink. I have many BCI-3eBK cartridges that I have refilled that simply don't work any more and I assume the problem is the ink won't allow air flow through the upper sponge material...
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    Draining a Canon cartridge

    You're sure welcome.
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    That dreaded Head failure again… WHY !

    Failure of heads was one reason I have switched from Canon to Epson.