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    Toner Refills

    Hi d87cfv Quick question.. Your quote: So yes, toner re-manning is viable, but its a pain in the arse you'll save 50% buying already re-manned ones my view would be to stick with that...For those of you who still want to re-man their lasers "Static Control" and Summit are two suppliers I...
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    Toner Refills

    Hi Neil Great post, very educating... I am a inkjet refiller based in london uk, and would like to know if there are any training program for learning how to refill most common types of laser cartridges, or maybe just instructions detailed with refilling cartridge dismantled and fully...
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    Print Testing

    Lexmark 16 & 17 are refilled with pigmented black inks, and when they run out of ink and if not refilled immediately then the ink dries up and blocks the well inside the cartridge. This is how i overcome the problem of stubborn dried cartridges specially the lex 16 & 17. 1, dismantle the...
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    <$50 vacuum refill apparatus, anybody tried this unit? Your thoughts?

    Hi Charlie I bought inkjetsavers vacuum filling kit last year mainly to refill lexmark cartridges, however i added a compressed air vacuum generator bought from 'rs components' for $35 and plugged it in straight to the vacuum inlet point, and with incoming compressed air of around 7-8bars and...
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    Having a tough time with all Lexmark carts

    Hi Unclefalter & Blinkinink I had a similar problem with filling lex 16/17, since they use pigmented ink. It was becoming impossible to get around getting them cleaned, however with little research and lot of trial and error, i found a way to get them prefect every time. Here's what i do...
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    Looking For A Copy Of Operating Manual For CBR UNFILL 500

    Thank you. Sent email to cbr few days ago but still no reply. Ash
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    When to use a Centrifuge Machine and vacuum filling machine

    Dear Fellow Members I have been refilling lexmark cartridges for sometime now, mostly refilled cartridges bought to me by customers for refilling. However recently i started selling online and my business has increased considerably, and i had to buy virgin empties to compliment my online...
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    Looking for replacement inks in Europe

    Hi Sean I use oliser in turkey, there inks work fine for me and there prices are good to,although i am based in uk they deliver inks and other materials via tnt, i know they use to have a branch in paris france but not sure if it is still there. Here's the link to there site...
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    Looking For A Copy Of Operating Manual For CBR UNFILL 500

    Hi Fellow members I have just bought used cbr-sme unfill 500 inkjet refilling machine, and i would like a copy of instruction manual for this machine and also a copy of service manual. If anyone in this forum can help in anyway i will appreciate your help. Thank you Regards Ash
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    Inkjet Cartridge Refilling Technical Manual

    Dear Fellow Members I have been visiting this forum for quite sometime and find the information very useful, but this is my first post today. Please forgive me if i have posted this message in wrong category, is so please point me to the right one. My question is i have been refilling...