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  1. Craig Ross

    Ink waste tank full, really really full

    A couple of posts ago I posed the question how many times can you reset the ink tank full message without actually doing anything and on another post attempted to use a vacuum line to empty the tank Rob thought 40 to 50 mls was quite a lot of ink to get get out. But let me tell you Rob it wasn't...
  2. Craig Ross

    cartridge filling for the professional

    came across this very informative site on cartridge remanufacturing the indepthnes would make granddad proud and the microscope photos will make nifty drool
  3. Craig Ross

    nifty's avant picture

    very cute, baby that is
  4. Craig Ross


    Nifty This one almost got past me, You quietly mentioned a spell checker for IE in a post (something to do with Albuquerque) What a great little utility and free for anyone interested its here
  5. Craig Ross


    Rob just an idea about a potential collective e-book as mentioned in another post. instead of a narrative style e-book how about a catagorised archive of some of the more technical how-to posts?
  6. Craig Ross

    work place photos

    Yeah I,d like to see some more work place photo's it would add a nice human face to the forum. ps just love this picture posting can you tell?
  7. Craig Ross

    pictures in a post

    Rob please excuse my ignorance or laziness to work it out but could you explain to me how I might add photo,s to my posts, as I understand it you have to link out ? to another server,my own free web hosting that comes with my ISP is taken up a by tenpin bowling page that I run.
  8. Craig Ross


    Or is that Colourbat I,ve just been to colorbat's web site, boy that was an experience I,m to scared to order anything in case he doesn't like my government and I don't think the fact I did'nt vote for them matters. Puts a whole new spin on aggressive marketing. God...
  9. Craig Ross


    Rob I kinda like paduwan learner progressing to jedi ink knight or howabout INK GOD
  10. Craig Ross

    Home made ultisonic cleaner?

    Well not quite after recieving an email from inkdoodle about how good his new ultisonic cleaner worked, 2 to 3 secs to clean a head and after I was stuggling with a couple of stubborn hp 57 carts refusing to ink even after half a dozen re-soak re-steam re-prime efforts I was thinking maybe...