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    Are some cartridges and inks interchangeable

    Wondering if the Canon ClI221 and PGI 220 cartridges and ink would safely work in my Canon MG 6821 which uses CLI271&PGI270. They appear to be compatible in size but wonder if the printer would recognize them and function, if so would the 221&220 inks create issues. Just curious as I have a...
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    Confused on purchase of ARC for my Pixma MG6821 and TS 6020

    Researching refillable ARC carts and need help to determine if all CLi271 and PGi 270 cartridges are the same and will work in all Canon printers that use these cartridges. Some sellers of the refillable ARC CLi270 and PGi 270 specify specific Canon printer models or state their carts will work...
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    Help removing printer head on Canon MG6821

    My MFG6221 Canon printer has stopped printing magenta and yellow and most likely requires cleaning/flushing resulting from lack of color printing; however the head is installed in a way I am unfamiliar with and unlike all my past Canon printers. Wondering if anyone is familiar with this printer...
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    Canon ARC cartridges questions

    Purchased Canon CLI271&PGI270 refillable ARC cartridges for my MG6821 printer. I have a few questions for those that have experience using them: When is the most optimum time to install them - at the first empty warning or at the red X on my MG6821 model. Should they be filled before the...
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    General color ink depletion question

    Somewhat of a novice when it comes to printer operation. Using a Canon MG6821 with CLI 271 color carts and wonder why these carts are needing refill or replacement often when I exclusively choose the standard grayscale print selection when printing and almost never use color printing. Is the...
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    Canon CLI 271 resetter issue

    Shortly after buying my Canon MG6821 printer I research online for a resetter - at that time (June 2107) limited products were available. I found one on eBay sold be a CHinese seller named zhiyan2. The carts that came with the printer lasted for several months and the Canon OEM replacements are...
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    Question on Canon starter cartridges in new printer

    My new MG 6821 inkjet printer comes with the 5 OEM partially filled starter carts - wondering if these are capable of being refilled or did Canon design them somehow to be one use/disposables? Frank
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    New owner question on aftermarket inks and ARC refill cartridges

    Just purchased the Canon MG6821 printer using CLI271 and PGI270 cartridges. Currently researching aftermarket ink and ARC refillable cartridges sellers. Would very much like to hear from other members and their experience with sellers of ink and cartridge quality such as InkProducts, Precision...
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    Question on a good bulk ink for Canon MX870

    I have been away from the forum for quite some time and would very much appreiciate member comments/suggestions on a cost effective, good quality bulk ink for my MX 870 using Canon 220 and 221 cartridges. I have a resetter that is still functional. TIA, Frank
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    Question on current status on ink jet cartridge restters

    I have been away from the forum for some time and wonder if there are resetters available for some of the newer Canon cartridges. I use the 240 and 241 and the 245 and 246 in my printers. Does anyone know of resetters for these cartridges? TIA Frank
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    Help with Canon Pixma MG 2420 cartridge refilling

    Two questions: Planning to refill the 245 and 246 cartridges - is there a way to reset the ink level. Most instructions I have found to date mention pressing the Stop/Reset for 5-8 seconds. Not sure exactly what this really accomplishes but it appears from the information I have found that this...
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    Need info on refilling Canon PG 240 and 241 cartridges

    Contemplating purchase of a Canon Pixma MX479 and wonder if the cartridges are refillable and is a resetter needed. Any insights would be appreciated, Frank
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    Help with ink cartridge and printer selection

    My daughter and I have printers that use Canon CLI 221 and PGI-220BK cartridges. Her recently expired dead printer is an IP4700 and my printer is an MX870. We have a large supple of cartridges and bulk ink and wonder if there still might be any available printers that one can purchase that use...
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    MX870 color printing help needed

    I have been faithfully running deep cleans on my MX870 monthly, but the other day when I tried to print a photo all I was getting was yellow in the printed photo. In the past with other Canon printers I removed the printhead and cleaned it in hot water (below the copper contact area) then ran a...
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    Questions on HP Office Jet 8600 Pro purchase

    I am contemplating the purchase of the 8600 since it gets good reviews in CNET. I have used Canon printers in the past and liked the ease of refilling and resetting cartridges, but am totally unfamiliar with the HP printers. My questions for the forum users are: Can the cartridges for the 8600...
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    Help with print head removal on Canon MX 870 multifunction machine

    I have had print quality issues with he MX 870 and one of the remedial suggestions was to remove the print head and reseat it. However, unlike my previous Canon printers the locking bar is configured differently and seems to resist lifting and does not appear to release to allow removal of the...
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    Need help with MX870 print quality

    I have an MX870 multifunction printer that is less than a year old and am having some recent problems with the print quality and head alignment. I began the alignment process after some web pages that I printed had very light, distorted black text. I tried several nozzle checks and cleanings and...
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    Who sells the 4 inch needles for refilling Canon cartridges

    Can someone provide a list of 4 inch needle suppliers needed for the German refill method. Googled it without any success. TIA
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    Problem printing InkJetMasters instructions

    Has anyone attempted to print InkJetMasters instructions for filling the PGI-520/CLI-521 at When I tried to print it for further use it only prints one page of the visuals and then jumps to the written texts replies and ignores...
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    Will German refill method work with CLI-221 and PGI-220BK cartridges

    I have a Canon MX870 printer and wonder if the German refill method will work with its cartridges? Any input or tips would be appreciated. Frank