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    print quality: high vs fine

    In the Canon printer driver, under the "main" tab, you have print quality settings. You have high, standard, fast, and custom. If you choose custom it opens up another window where you can choose quality levels from (depending on your printer and paper) 1 to 5, with 1 being the finest. Can...
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    What are these lines?

    This is a 13" wide print on 13x19 Canon PPPGII paper using OEM inks in a PRO-100. All the carts have plenty of ink. A few hours ago I printed it at 12" wide and it was fine. After printing this mess, I cropped out a 4x6 section at the same resolution and printed it on 4x6 paper (same kind) and...
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    sudden lack of gray in print

    I've been printing a lot the last few days, all photos with a lot of gray in them. I printed an 8.5x11 about 15 minutes ago and it looked great. I took a few minutes to decide which one to print next (I've got a group that I'm working on.), set it up in the edit program, printed it and it was a...
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    Using purging to keep printhead from drying up

    There's been a ton of discussions about how to keep the printhead from drying up; the most common suggestion seems to be to make a print every x number of days. But I had a thought (as I'm unplugging my Pro9000II for some weeks/months): Doesn't the printer purge every time you power cycle...
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    How to get Pro9000II to stop recognizing carts

    Several years ago there was a thread about how to get the Pro9000II to stop trying to recognize refilled carts. I don't have a resetter for this printer so before I found the thead, every time I'd put refilled carts in, I'd have to go through this routine where I had to hold the "resume" button...
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    Pro-100; No low warning when PM was (pretty much) empty

    I was doing some printing a couple days ago when I got a "low" warning for the black ink. I checked the printer status and it showed the LGY was also about 1/2 down, everything else looked full. So I shut down the printer, took out the carts, and was shocked to find the PM pretty much empty...
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    looking for profile for Canon Pro Premium Matte on Pro-100 with PC inks

    Does anyone have this profile? I'm using Precision Color 42R inks. I tried their profile for plain ol' Canon Matte, and the results are just abysmal, probably because the Pro Premium Matte is a warm paper. If anyone has any suggestions I'd appreciate it.
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    new blurring on IP2600

    I've had this little printer for about 4 years and haven't used OEM ink in it for several years. I just use it for text printing and it's used OEM ink, carts from Office Max, and most recently OCP ink with no problems. I use the black ink cart only. Recently it started showing horizontal...
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    Have you noticed changes to OCP inks?

    I bought my first OCP inks for my Canon Pro9000II in May 2012 then bought the next batch in Sept 2013. I had run out of yellow and bought the whole set of 8 because the minimum order is $30. I just recently got around to opening the rest of the colors and found them to be really different from...
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    alternative Pro9000II head cleaning

    After getting my printhead to a state where it seems to work okay, I find there's still a very faint white line in the black block when I print a nozzle check. Rather than doing a bunch of head cleanings that waste other colors, I thought I'd just print some sheets of black ink. When you put a...
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    Pro9000II ink clogs: Do they ever really get cleared?

    I seem to have a new problem with white lines in the C, PC, M, and PM swatches of nozzle checks. So I've been reading threads here and elsewhere about people trying to clean their print heads: they're soaking, and blowing, and sucking, on and on, and I haven't seen any threads where they...
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    Canon iP2600- problems with print sizing

    Hello folks. I got this Canon Pixma iP2600 just a while back, and I've been super pleased with the results, until yesterday. The thing is, I've printed only 4x6 or 8x10 prints before. But yesterday, I tried to make a 4x4 print on 4x6 paper, and the printer driver is having none of that! If I...