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  1. Craig Ross

    Dell / Lexmark

    I have seen on some supply sites that you can buy replacement lids for Lexmark carts to convert to Dell sorry can't remember exactly where but a good search on the net should get results
  2. Craig Ross

    Canon Waste Tank Ink Full Message Error Fix continued

    Here are some pictures of an s9000 disasemmbled
  3. Craig Ross

    Refilling BJC-255SP with BC-03 Cartridge

    Maybe this thread on the bc-03s may help
  4. Craig Ross

    canons9000 Skid marks

    I get these marks if the paper is not dead flat IE has a curl
  5. Craig Ross

    bj i560

    Very possibly a blocked head try removing the head and soak it in a tray of warm water and detergent for ten minutes
  6. Craig Ross

    Ink in Australia - Canon IP5000

    MrHammy Welcome fellow Canberran I would be more than happy to help you out with either compatable cartridges, refills or bulk ink at a very good price and advice is free.We are on Marcus Clarke St. in the city ph 62474030 if I can be of any help. Sorry Rob I don,t mean to use...
  7. Craig Ross

    Help on refilling Canon BC-03 and BX-3

    I believe a glue gun and a hot wax gun are the same thing they use a stick of hard wax feed to a heated nozzle .they are very cheap to buy I got mine from a stationary store but hardware stores and supermarkets also sell them.
  8. Craig Ross

    Help on refilling Canon BC-03 and BX-3

    Sophia I think your problem here is the tape used to seal the hole,normally when the ball bearing is pushed in it is then replaced with another ball bearing for a good seal I think the tape you are using is not sealing properly and allowing a flow out the head. or alternatively, as I...
  9. Craig Ross

    Wow, I ve just popped in here.

    I have no problems with MIS shipping to Australia they are very helpful and well priced, shipping has only cost about $10.00 US for a small parcel and generaly takes about 5 to 7 days and I can pay by credit card
  10. Craig Ross

    Ink waste tank full, really really full

    Rob I thought 50 or so mls of ink vacuumed out was plenty, WRONG it was only when I tipped the printer on an angle that ink ran out and it was obvious I was going to have to pull it apart with my trusty 20 years + old needle nose pliers that is missing one handle pad. :) Unfortunately I did not...
  11. Craig Ross

    Ink waste tank full, really really full

    Granddad hope this photo clarifies a few things for you The pad itself is about 2cm thick and is made from some type of wool like material kinda like a quilt. The drain posts from the over spray sponge is a very dense type of sponge, similar to the type inside a Canon cart but much denser...
  12. Craig Ross

    Avid HP user

    the priming cycle on the printer does help but is not as strong as a priming pump to draw ink from the sponge into the nozzles especially if the cart has been run dry they are a clip on attachment that fits over nozzle and ink is drawn out with a syinge they are very inexpensive but well worth...
  13. Craig Ross

    Ink waste tank full, really really full

    At a guess 12 months worth of borderless printing, 3 to 4000 A4 prints worth and cleaning or deep cleaning just about every second day mostly because of the pesky light magenta cart not printing. The printer is an A3+ printer so has a bigger waste pad than an A4, so by approximation I would get...
  14. Craig Ross

    cartridge filling for the professional

    After studying this web site for a while I thought this guy was a little contradictory but then realized his philosophy on cart refilling is a simple one. We all go to far in our attempts to clean heads, rejuvenate sponges etc to the point were damage is actually done when all thats needed is...
  15. Craig Ross

    Ink waste tank full, really really full

    A couple of posts ago I posed the question how many times can you reset the ink tank full message without actually doing anything and on another post attempted to use a vacuum line to empty the tank Rob thought 40 to 50 mls was quite a lot of ink to get get out. But let me tell you Rob it wasn't...
  16. Craig Ross

    Avid HP user

    jamiek the hp 45s are a bladder type of cart the easiest way to refill it is with a snap on bottom filler from the 78 cart is a sponge type, the three indents on the top are actually vent holes but must be pushed out to fit a syinge in but don't seal them as all...
  17. Craig Ross

    Dell 922 How to reset the printer to ack the cartridge is full?

    You could try the old epson fool it trick where you put a new cart in the printer then open the printer to change the cart but power off at the power point(not the printer off button) then put the refilled cart in and power back on printer thinks the cart is still full works on epsons not sure...
  18. Craig Ross

    cartridge filling for the professional

    came across this very informative site on cartridge remanufacturing the indepthnes would make granddad proud and the microscope photos will make nifty drool
  19. Craig Ross

    What about Lexmark cartridges ?

    I would fill the reservoir with isopropl alcohol or some other ink cleaning fluid with a synge without the needle let the cart stand for about an hour then flush it out with a priming clip perhaps doing this more than once might help
  20. Craig Ross

    Non OEM Cartridge for Epson C82

    Sorry my mistake the carts I've been refilling are for the epson R210/310/510 I wrongly assumed they were durabrite my supplier is unable to get a durabrite replacement but do agree they are possibly a dye pigment mixture